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Thanks to the advancement of technology, nearly everyone these days is walking around with a camera – whether via phone, point & shoot, DSLR or other. Creating and sharing memories is nearly as old as the human species. With today’s advancing web technologies, storing, sharing and managing your photos has never been easier.

As a photography hobbyist I’m always interested in discovering new and better ways to store and share my photos. Personally, I’m a SmugMug, Flickr and Facebook user but what about you?

Earlier today we took a look at PicsEngine, a relatively new and simple web app for your photos. After reviewing the app I realized it’s quite difficult for new comers to this area of web apps to compete with more feature rich and developed apps like Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug. What do you think?

I’d love to hear what web apps you use to store, share or manage your photos. If your app of choice isn’t on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments so we can take a look. Thanks!

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There are quite a few online photo management and gallery options out there, as we’ve covered in the Top 20 Photo Storage and Sharing Sites. It’s also hard for newcomers to compete with some of the heavyweights as shown in our Flickr, Picasa and SmugMug Shootout. Today, however, we’ll take a look at a promising new contender in the photo management field.

PicsEngine sports a sexy interface that also makes great use of today’s newer web technologies. It also takes a different approach to pricing, which may be refreshing to those looking for a new option for managing their photos. Read on for an in-depth look at this promising new web app.


Earlier this week we walked through the process of customizing a SmugMug photo gallery theme, for both easy and advanced editors. As part of the how-to, SmugMug offered to give one lucky reader a free Pro plan, which covers a full year and is valued at $149.95!

Recap and winner announcement after the jump.


Of the many photo storage and sharing sites out there, few offer built in theming options and even fewer offer options for users novice to expert. For those looking to do more with their photos, this is an important feature to have available.

SmugMug, one of the best sites for storing, sharing and selling your photos, offers not only pre-built themes but options to easily customize your galleries and even expert options for custom coding. This how-to will walk through the customization process for both novice and expert users. Also, enter for your chance to win a SmugMug Pro account, worth $150!