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If you’ve been using the web over the past decade you’ll remember how difficult it used to be to send large files to people online. Either your file’s size wasn’t supported by the service you chose or the upload would time out, leaving you in the lurch. Since then, our ISP bandwidths have increased and so have our file sharing needs. Does an elegant file transfer service exist?

WeTransfer is the answer you’re looking for. This beautiful app has been around since late 2009 and has served over 100 million files since its inception. It allows you to send files up to 2GB in size and offers companies unique branding opportunities. And the best part? It’s free! Let’s go find some of our biggest files and see if WeTransfer can handle them, shall we?


Managing a group is almost always a nightmare, and it doesn’t help if you’re stuck using a low-quality web app to delegate tasks. Whether you’re creating the next best-selling mobile game, coordinating a rebranding exercise or putting together a yard sale, it’s important to be able to communicate clearly and oversee everyone’s work with ease.

Tracky is a fresh take on collaborative task management to help you with projects just like these. The app is beautifully designed and suitable for personal and commercial use. It also works great with your social networks. Let’s sign up and see how quickly we can get things done.


Sharing files for business or pleasure over the web has become fairly simple these days, with a ton of hosting services that you can use for free. And as a photographer and designer, I’m always on the lookout for the easiest ways to send across files, collaborate with colleagues, get feedback from clients on work and showcase completed projects. There have been a few blips on the radar, but sadly, they’ve never caught on with me owing to a lack of features or usability.

Until now.

I recently came across an elegant solution called Dropmark, that looks great and works even better. Dropmark lets you curate collections of files of all sorts, websites, pictures, audio and video from your computer or the web. It’s dead-simple to use not just for you, but for your audience as well. It’s also extremely flexible and is suitable for a variety of uses – let’s check out a few and see if we can stick with Dropmark.


Slideshows are a great way to showcase images on digital displays. Whether it’s a collection of old family photos, snapshots from my last vacation, or even my portfolio of professional photography, I always try to put together a picture slideshow for my audience.When the images advance in sequence by themselves, the viewer is less distracted and can take in the message that each picture is conveying, since they don’t have to click or flip through them manually.

It’s easy to put together a slideshow on your PC or Mac, and most webmasters with some coding experience can put together a slideshow with JavaScript and jQuery modules without much of a fuss. But what if you’re not a web developer and need to share pictures online with friends and family? Well, you can try SlideMyPics. It’s a great little app that allows you to gather up your photos that are already online and create an elegant slideshow that you can share easily or even embed in your blog. Let’s make a few slideshows and see how well this app works, shall we?


One of the most important aspects of website and app design is flow – how a user navigates and goes through the process that the site/app is built for. It’s very important to properly close the loops on all navigation and actions. For example, if you’re building an online store, there should be a simple path for a shopper to get from your homepage to the checkout completion page, without getting lost or confused along the way. And when you’re working in a team with clients to report to, it’s crucial that everyone knows where each step takes a user, how one can move back and forth in the site/app and how processes (like placing orders or filling out forms) start and end.

ClickDummy can help you with that. This app allows you to share screenshots of each page/step of your project and link them together as intended in its final form. So if you need to show your clients how their upcoming web store ordering process will work, or you need to demonstrate to a designer how you intend for people to go through your site, ClickDummy can help you put together a clickable demo in minutes.


We’re coming to the end of a wonderful year and I’ve realized that I’ve read far more content online this year than any other. That being said, I’ve also accumulated long lists of articles that I haven’t gotten around to reading and I attribute this to two factors: constant distractions and trouble retrieving my articles. Between all the advertising and cluttered layouts, most websites aren’t conducive to painless reading experiences. Still, I’ve already made a New Year’s resolution to read more and broaden my horizons, and I’ve found just the thing to help me with this.

Kippt is a new bookmarking app that aims to solve the problems we face in trying to read, keep track of and share content online. While there is already a plethora of bookmarking services on the web, Kippt brings to the table a fresh approach and an up-to-date aesthetic that is easy to get used to and fall in love with for first-timers and veterans alike. But does it have enough for you to change your bookmarking and reading habits? Let’s see what it has to offer.


iPhone users around the world love Instagram – the photo sharing app that allows you to add cool effects to your pictures before showing them off to the world. The effects modify the colors, mood and tonality of your photos and can also add borders, making them look much better than what your phone’s stock camera app can shoot. Instagram’s filters can also be applied to pictures you’ve already shot, and finally, every photo you edit can be shared easily on Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Now wouldn’t it be great if there was something like this for the web?

Picfull has got you covered. It’s a simple free app that lets you apply filters to your photos and share them with friends and family quickly and easily. It’s a breeze to learn to use and has a number of nice effects and editable parameters to tweak your pictures till you get the desired look. The effects available are comparable to Instagram and you don’t need any prior experience working with photos to use it. Is this how you’ll be sharing your photos from now on? Let’s find out.


Over the past few years the way we work has changed drastically – most companies now implement intranets or web apps to communicate within their organizations, invoices and accounting are managed in the cloud and teams share ideas and work together without being in the same office or even the same country. We have the internet to thank for this, as web apps have cropped up to suit every need for every kind of task or group. Of all the work-related functions we can carry out using apps, the most important would probably be project management – after all, it’s what helps teams and clients stay on the same page throughout a partnership, communicating, solving problems and building together.

There are several project management apps available including Project Bubble, Pivotal Tracker, Subernova, Apollo and Basecamp. These are all great options but what if you need to keep costs down? Freedcamp may be your answer – it’s a free app that aims to rival the major players in this segment, and is suitable for smaller teams and their clients. But does it have what it takes to become the app of choice for project managers? Let’s find out.


Accountancy is a very respectable profession. There’s millions of the guys, all diligently working away like beaver to ensure every penny is accounted for. They keep business moving day-to-day, advise the board of directors and help us with our taxes. We love you guys. So all accountants, you can look away now.

Here’s the problem with accountants: They bore me. Imagine being visited by your child-self and having to explain why you spend all day staring at spreadsheets and not fighting fires, flying jet fighters, arresting bad guys, breaking world records or anything remotely cool. They also charge a killing.

Luckily for small and medium sized businesses, software has taken a large proportion of work from accountants and bookmakers. We still need them to have a look over accounts from time to time, but these days, the process can be largely automated. Wave Accounting is one such application that helps users keep track of their business transactions. But does it match up to what we should expect of accounting software? Better yet, can it help you get by without relying on your accountant so much?


As freelancers, many of us need to create invoices on a regular basis. Invoicing is about as fun as doing your taxes, except for one nice exception: invoices are all about you getting paid, not you paying someone else. Still, there should be a way to make invoicing easier and cheaper. It’s never fun to have to pay just so others can pay you for your work!

Invoice Dude is an invoicing web app that has two major advantages over most competing invoicing apps: it’s free to use online and is also available for purchase as a self-hosted web app to run on your own servers. So, whether you’re looking for a free way to quickly create invoices online or want to purchase an invoicing app that you can run just as you want, Invoice Dude is a great option for both needs. Let’s dive in and see what more it has to offer.


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