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If you haven’t heard of AppSumo yet, you need to check them out. As stated on their site, “AppSumo partners with people who make the coolest apps out there to offer you exclusive price deals on their products. Mom would approve.” Mom would approve and we do too.

Today AppSumo is offering you lucky AppStorm readers not just a great deal but 10 free Freckle subscriptions. Fear not, this is not a subscription to increase your skin freckle count but rather for the fantastic web app that helps you manage your time and so much more. We recently published a review of Freckle — the app is ever improving and well worth checking out.

The Contest

Want to get in on this? It’s easy! Simply tweet, “I want to #Freckle with @letsfreckle and @AppSumo! (via @webappstorm)

We’ll track the tweets and select the ten winners at random in three days. We’ll announce the winners on Thursday, April 14th. If you want to help us out should you win, post a comment below with a link to your tweet. And of course, do yourself a favor and watch for more awesome AppSumo deals!

There are plenty of project management apps out there and while some are great because they have plenty of features, it’s obvious that some are going to be better at performing certain tasks than others. Because of this, many people can be left app-hopping when they need to do something that a certain app can’t. In some cases, there are even apps dedicated to a specific task that can be a lot better than the all-in-one apps and for the app-hoppers out there, they are well-worth checking out.

Freckle is one of these. Freckle is a web app dedicated to the task of tracking and managing time and can be especially useful for those who wish to complete the task with minimal effort. Find out more about Freckle inside the article.