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It’s happened to all of us: you’re standing in the shower, and all the sudden get a great idea for a new site, book, app, or anything else. You hurry getting ready for the day, thinking of everything you’ll need for the project. Then it hits you: you should see if people are really going to be interested in your project or not. It’d be a great idea to make a quick site with a description of your project, perhaps updates about it or links to your other sites, and a way to let visitors sign up for updates.

So you’ve got several options. You could install WordPress on your server, grab one of the many landing page or “coming soon” themes available, then set it up like you want. Or you could whip out your text editor and hand code an HTML page and FTP it to your server. Only problem is, each of these options will take a fair bit of time, and you’ve still got to eat breakfast before you head out to work.

That’s why landing page creators can be such a help. In a few moments, you can crank out a quick site to validate your idea and start getting users excited before you’ve even started writing your book or coding your app. Or, you can create a new page quickly to market your existing products to a specific group, to take advantage of current events, online memes, and more. Formstack is a popular online form creator we use across the Envato network of sites, and they’ve recently made a nice landing page creator to help you do just that. It brings the best of their form tools into a simple landing page creator that lets you create a quick landing page with forms, dynamic content, and more in only a few minutes. After the break, we’ll see how you can put Formstack landing pages to use for your ideas.


This week’s giveaway was sponsored by some of the most popular and absolute best web apps around; Formstack, SpiderOak, SmugMug and Remember The Milk. All together we have 10 lucky winners this week! Read on to see who they are.


At Web.AppStorm we review and round up the best web apps from around the internet. This week we’re giving away some great goodies from a few of the most popular web apps we’ve covered. A big Thank You goes out to Formstack, SpiderOak, SmugMug and Remember The Milk for sponsoring this week’s giveaway.


Forms. We all need them, yet they’re one of the elements of the web that most of us cringe at the thought of creating. They take a strong mix of skills between a developer and designer to create — forms that are a breeze to use, function perfectly and look amazing. Forms are the ever important breaking point between creating a new customer or simply collecting a visitor’s information.

FormSpring Formstack makes it a breeze to create fantastic forms of nearly all types that look and function like your web app or business depends on them. Not only that, but FormSpring Formstack makes it incredibly easy to manage the data collected and take it a step further with charts, reports and more. Read on for our look into FormSpring Formstack.

Edit: FormSpring has changed their name to Formstack.