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The problem with the world of software is that there are so many different programs capable of producing so many different types of files that you are almost certain to encounter problems with file compatibility from time to time. You’ll receive a document that you just can’t open with your apps, and you’ll find yourself hunting online to find the tool you need to view it.

You’ve probably also found that your mobile phone records audio in a format that no one would ordinarily choose to use, but who wants to have program installed on their computer for the sole purpose of saving files in more useful formats? The solution to your problem could be found in the form of Zamzar.


The web has made it possible to be able to share anything we want to show off to close friends and people we may not even know. The problem is, it’s not so easy to share large files with everyone, and social networks and email aren’t designed for sharing much more than smallish pictures and documents. There’s Dropbox, but then you have to manage files and folders, and keep everything on your computer still.

I have tried out a variety of apps that can let you send big files, but they all seem to have a “catch” to them. For the past few days, I have been able to play around with Dropify, a new sharing service, and the one thing that I appreciate about it is the ease at which I could get a file on there and share it with the world. It made sending files a breeze. If you need to send large files, you need to read further.


So I made the jump and decided to go back to school for a second time, after I told myself I would never do more school when I graduated college. This time though, it is so different than when I went to college and when I got my Master’s. For one, I have a family and, two, I am also working full time. I knew I had to stay disciplined and get organized so that I could get through school and still enjoy my family and job.

I came across a web app called StudyBlue a couple of weeks ago and decided to give it a try to see how I could possibly incorporate it into my life. They take the concept of the physical binder and turn it into a digital one, at least that is the best way that I can kind of explain it in a nutshell. One of the things you find is when you are a student is that you get so many papers to keep track of that, if you are not organized, you can easily lose a few.

Let me show you how StudyBlue tries to help solve this problem.


Ever since my team has started move its work to the web, I’ve been looking for more ways to use the web to make our team more productive. One of the things I’ve wanted to do is use the web as a better collaboration tool. In my line of work, better collaboration equals more productive.

There are a variety of web apps out there that let you collaborate around different projects, but the one I am reviewing today has lots of potential to become a good one. It is called CanvasDropr, and in its basic sense, it is a place on the web where you can collaborate on many different things. Let me show you around the app itself.


Each year around tax time, I always go through the ritual of cleaning out the file cabinet of the receipts, bills, and other paperwork that I have kept that I no longer need for the following year. My parents always told me to keep two years worth of documents, so I have it down to a science now where each year I am shredding documents from three years ago and always keeping the past two years worth. To be honest, I hate doing this and I have always thought that there has to be a better way.

In my article, I reviewed the Doxie scanner, a tool which I believe will help solve half of the problem. The other half of the problem is that I needed a place to store all of these digitized receipts and documents. Doxo seemed like the right place to do it. The easiest way to explain Doxo in a nutshell is as your digital file cabinet. Let me show you what I am talking about.


Of course not! There never is. However, by comparing them we might be able to help you make a decision better suited to your needs. I, for one, have been torn between the two for quite a long time but always stuck with Droplr. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each and why you might want to choose one over the other. Take a look!

We’ve written a new 2012 CloudApp versus Droplr comparison that you should check out too: CloudApp versus Droplr: Which App Should You Choose?


We all know how great Dropbox is and the many, many different ways it can be used to simplify your life. As great as Dropbox is, there are ways it could be even better and JotForm has done just that.

JotForm has made it drop dead simple to create a form you can simply link to or embed elsewhere that allows people to submit files directly to your Dropbox account! We’ll take a look at how easy this is and why you’ll want to use it, so read on!


Cloud storage products are hot services these days and while there is now an abundance of them, only a handful have really built something versatile and simple enough for the masses. Dropbox is one massively popular example, which we’ve reviewed before and even listed some really creative uses for. I recently asked my Twitter following which they preferred; Dropbox or SugarSync? Without question, the majority of my followers recommended Dropbox.

The two services are very similar, however, I prefer SugarSync. While similar to Dropbox, SugarSync offers a few features not found in Dropbox. Today we’ll take a look at SugarSync and a few of the features it provides, which Dropbox doesn’t.


Recent trends in design have led to many successful applications that focus on one thing, and one thing only. This is a promising trend as many of these applications have been able to succeed when focused in this way.

Due in part to this focus, one genre of application that has really blossomed is that of file sharing. Specifically, Dropbox has won the hearts of people all over the world. But the solid design has been implemented in other apps in this space.

Today I’d like to look at one in particular: Upload Robots.


As we looked at earlier this week, Dropbox is one of the nicer syncing solutions in a long time. And with such tight integration with the operating system and great flexibility, people have come up with some very unique and creative ways to use Dropbox.

Here’s a few for your reading pleasure.