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As we all know, your website’s visitors are its most valuable commodity. As such, it’s incredibly important to constantly get feedback from them so you can improve your site and give your visitors more of what they want. There are many ways to accomplish this but my favorite methods are the ones that are simple, quick, easy and don’t require that visitors go out of their way, more than necessary, to give you the information you need.

KISSinsights handles visitor feedback and surveys with beauty and grace so you can get the important information you need. In this quick review we’ll take a look at KISSinsights and what it can do for you.


When designing a website for someone else or in collaboration with others, getting feedback on your work can be a pain to organize; uploading screen shots, adding notations in photoshop, and then emailing them out to multiple people. You would think there’d be a better way.

Notable, from ZURB is a better way, and a very well thought out web app for making this process way simpler. It lets you quickly get screenshots of your sites into the app allowing those invited to easily add comments over the visual elements, as well as looking at the code out back. This review will take a look at what Notable is capable of and its supplementary iPhone app.


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