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Who doesn’t love lists? They’re a great way to organize information and scribble quick thoughts from the top of your head. They’re a nice way to digest information quickly — after all, how many times have you scrolled through these AppStorm round-ups just checking if one app grabbed your attention? I certainly have.

Truth be told, lists are everywhere. When you check a forum, it displays a list of threads; a Google search shows a list of results; and most of the services you use that are focused on content present their information as lists, one way or another. Perhaps we can assume that the whole information architecture of the web is based on lists.

There’s one thing missing, though: your lists. Where are you keeping them? Join us in this round-up to find the best app for you.


One of Twitter’s less talked about features is also one of its most useful — favoriting tweets. I typically use Twitter’s Favorite feature to mark tweets with links to read later (though some of the best ways of using it are unfortunately going away thanks to Twitter’s new rules), while others I know use it as they would a Like button. Favorited tweets are, therefore, worth checking out. And wouldn’t it be great to see what Twitter users across the globe are favoriting, all in one place?

That’s exactly what Favstar is. The app puts an array of tools to find the latest and greatest tweets in in the Twitterverse at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for popular tweets from all over or from just a single user, or want to find out which of your tweets are making waves, Favstar can find them for you. Let’s see just how useful this app is, shall we?


Several weeks ago, I took a short 2-day working vacation, carrying my iPad along to keep up with Web.AppStorm and my other work while I was traveling with my family. Even from the back of a car in the middle of nowhere in Thailand, I could schedule articles in WordPress, communicate with our team with email and Basecamp, and keep up with everything going on in a Google Spreadsheet, all from a pokey EDGE connection.

That got me thinking of how our whole site is built around web apps. Without web apps, of course, Web.AppStorm wouldn’t even exist. Our site is powered by WordPress with a side of PollDaddy and Formstack, coordinated with Google Apps and Basecamp, read and shared on Google Reader and Twitter and Facebook. But beyond using web apps because we have to, most of our team relies on multiple web apps to manage our lives, communicate with those closest to us (and others we’ve never met), and stay entertained.

The Mac.AppStorm and iPhone.AppStorm teams have recently written interesting roundups of their favorite Mac and iPhone apps, respectively. I thought it’d be great if our team could do the same, so after the break, you’ll discover the apps we’ve used to build our careers and keep ourselves sane in the process.


18 years ago, web browsers started sporting a new way to help you keep up with the sites you discover online: bookmarks. Bookmarks, or Favorites in IE, were a great idea, but they quickly outgrew your browser. Once we started using the internet on multiple computers, the idea of saving bookmarks on one browser seemed increasingly archaic. Thus, online bookmarking services have become increasingly popular over the past decade, starting with in 2003.

Today, with mobile smartphones, tablets, browser-only Chromebooks, and the variety of computers we use at our workplaces, schools, and more, you need to keep up with your most important sites more than ever. Sure, you could just Google sites every time, and that’d work fine for finding the front page of popular sites such as your school. However, when you find that perfect plugin for your WordPress site or that cute cat picture that you couldn’t replace, chances are you won’t find it again if you don’t bookmark it.

This week, we’d love to hear what bookmarking service or tool is your favorite. Do you still get by with browser bookmarks, perhaps using your browser’s sync service, or do you use an online bookmarking service? Or do you perhaps keep a private document or wiki with your important links? Select your favorite in the poll, and let us know why you love your bookmarking service in the comments below.

Whether you use web apps by default or prefer traditional installed apps, it’d be hard to get by today without using at least a few web apps. Computers, tablets, and even smartphones could be used without an internet connection once you’ve installed some apps, but increasingly, it seems odd to be without internet connection for even a few minutes. Even our traditional apps such as Mail and Calendar tools are generally powered by an online service.

While most of us use Google Apps, as well as social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, there’s so many other apps that it’s be impossible to make a poll that would include all of the web apps most of us use. So, instead of a normal poll, this week we’d love it if you could comment and let us know what web app you couldn’t live without. Google Apps and social networks would be high on anyone’s list, so to make it more interesting, why not tell us your favorite Email/Calendar solution, social network, and then the other web app you couldn’t live without.

I’m still trying to decide what my other app would be. I’d have to put down WordPress or Simplenote, or perhaps CloudApp … I’m still not sure. What would you pick?