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Two years ago, Evernote bought out Skitch, the popular Mac screenshot annotation tool, and promptly ruined it. Perhaps it wasn’t that bad, but most Skitch fans were frustrated over the new version’s lack of features, and it took quite some time for Evernote to win us back to Skitch.

But now, they’ve taken Skitch’s best annotation features, mixed them with the original Evernote web clipper and their Clearly extension (which itself was another purchased app, Readable), and made the best tool to save online content yet. The brand-new Evernote Web Web Clipper 6 for Chrome is amazing, whether you’re wanting to save text-only copies of articles to Evernote or want to annotate sites and share them with others.


Along with spreadsheets, presentations are one of the main “attractions” of the corporate-style workplace (warning: sarcasm). These multimedia productions should be engaging, but sadly, few of us have the presence of delivery, nor the content, to provide something truly compelling for the audience.

And then there’s the start-to-end in-computer construction and delivery of a presentation, which can often be a struggle — magnified, if you need to collaborate with colleagues. Within a team, the collection and organization of the required media can be a stilted process if you are working remotely, and getting the finished product to function properly anywhere outside of your chosen native software is often the cause of much frustration.

Bunkr is a new web-based platform which is hoping to ease most of these presentation-related pains. The French startup aims to provide all the tools needed to create your slideshow, from the cherry-picking of content, right through to the publication of your masterpiece in browser-friendly HTML5. But can one cloud-based service really offer the all-round game to make presentations easy?


Recent statistics show that Chrome is solidly in third place in the “browser wars”. Perhaps the main reason for Chrome’s rapid growth over the past four plus years is the Chrome Web Store. The plethora of extensions and apps available for Chrome packaged in an accessible online store has enticed many users to make the switch.

I recently switched back to Chrome specifically for the productivity extensions. There were a few extensions I couldn’t live without and some I recently encountered having a good ol’ time perusing the Web Store. The result is a set of 15 extremely handy productivity extensions for Chrome. So, in some kind of order, here they are…

Odds are, if you’re serious about notetaking, you’re a faithful Evernote user already. The ubiquitous notes app is one of the best ways to take notes on the web, or even automatically from other web apps using tools like IFTTT. Then, it’s got native apps for almost every platform, so chances are even if you’re a web app fan, you don’t need to use the web app that often.

Evernote’s great today, but it’s traveled down a road that’s been rocky at times. This week, though, the company’s gotten one of technology’s highest honors as it received an Apple Design Award for its Mac and iOS apps. We’ve taken an in-depth look at the company’s journey at our sister site Mac.AppStorm, tracing it from its roots as an app for taking handwritten notes on a tablet PC to a service that’s award-winning on the most design-concious OSes.

If you’re an Evernote fan — or just like learning more about the stories behind apps — this is an article you should take a few minutes to read.

Continue Reading at Mac.AppStorm…

With the news of Tumblr being bought just this past week, there is renewed attention to other blogging platforms. Of course WordPress and Tumblr are two of the most recognized ones out there. But there are others that you may not have heard of or that are just not as popular.

For the past few days, I have gotten to play with a blogging platform that is a little different than some of the other options that are out there. If you are an Evernote user, like I am, then you are going to be intrigued by It harnesses the power of Evernote and lets you use it to create your blog posts. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and after taking it for a spin for a bit, I came away impressed. Let’s take a closer look at it.


The world’s not lacking for note apps; there’s tons out there, enough that when Google recently released a new one, the world collectively yawned. There’s just so many ways to keep notes already. There’s the plaintext geek favorite Simplenote, the always stylish Springpad, and Microsoft’s OneNote — the desktop app that made quite the nice transition to the web.

You’ve likely got a notes app built-into your OS of choice, too. And another in your email client. Even Dropbox itself makes a pretty compelling choice, as you can store plain text files in it and edit them as notes anywhere.

And yet, Evernote remains the crowd favorite. It lets you take notes about anything, throw in files, pictures, web clips, and more, and search through it all effortlessly. It lives in the web, but also has native apps for practically ever OS out there. It’s even in a Samsung fridge. It seems cluttered, with everything in one place, formatted text mixed with plain text and PDFs and everything else. And yet, it works – and is beloved by millions.

So, for those of you who swear by Evernote, what is it about the service that you love the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts — or your dissenting views if you hate Evernote — in the comments below.

The internet continues to amaze me all the time, and that is one of the reasons why I love it so much. What really gets me passionate about consistently using the web is the ability to do things in a virtual world that before wasn’t possible. Take for example the topic of collaboration. In years past, you wouldn’t dream of being able to have a company or business where the people who work at it are all in different states or countries.

A perfect example of this is Web.Appstorm, where although I have been writing for them for almost a year now, I have never met my editor or the other writers face to face. Yet, we are able to work together and produce quality content for all of you to read.

So where am I going with this? Well, the internet has given us the opportunity to have no boundaries when it comes to getting work done together. One web app to help with this, called Dispatch, has given us the ability to collaborate on documents and other things regardless of whether we work in the same building or miles a part, and all we need is an internet connection.


Note-taking is a small yet important part of anyone’s digital routine. That’s why apps like Evernote prove extremely useful for anyone who needs to jot down pieces of information at any given time. It lets you quickly jot down text notes or take shots of important documents from any device you’re using, or directly from your web browser.

If you think you’ve used Evernote for everything, thought, think again. The Evernote Trunk is full of apps, devices, notebooks, and more that can help you get the most out of the service. Here’s 10 of our favorite Evernote compatible web apps that showcase the different ways that Evernote can be of further use in any aspect of our lives.


Evernote released a new beta Mac app today, which has many of us trying out Evernote again. Evernote has been extremely successful, being easily the best known notes app on any platform. You can snap pictures on your phone, write out a store list, store a PDF eBook, and jot down some important class notes, all in the same app. Thanks to Evernote’s OCR-powered search, you can find anything you’ve saved in seconds.

Evernote’s free by default, but it limits you to 60Mb of uploads per month on free accounts. If you’re uploading pictures and scans every day, you’d hit that limit pretty quick, but otherwise, you’d be hard pressed to hit the limit. The pro upgrade gives some other features, such as searching inside PDFs and an ad-free interface, but for the most part, you can get much of Evernote’s power without ever upgrading.

We know many of our readers are Evernote fans, so we’re curious: did you upgrade to Evernote Pro? What made you decide to pay for the upgrade? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!

In my line of work, I am constantly taking notes during meetings, phone calls, and any other random time I can think about. I get a lot of information thrown at me all the time, and unless I write it down, I tend to lose it. Then, there are a lot of important things that are said and I need to make sure I document them for  later use.

I have tried many different ways to capture all of this info and have not found something that I liked. I started out with the plain paper and pen route, and although that is reliable, I wanted to use something where I could access it at any time. Besides, I type faster than I can write. I tried to use a variety of note taking applications on my Mac and iPad and found most of them just okay, and nothing that really stood out for me.

One app that I always seem to come back to is Evernote. I like that I can access it from just about anywhere and that it is integrated with other apps. So a little while back, I was searching through the Evernote Trunk to see if there were any cool, new apps to try out, and to my delight, I stumbled upon one that seemed to address my note taking needs. The app is called KustomNote and it it is a great note taking app that connects with your Evernote account, making it even better for taking quick notes.


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