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ERP systems, which stands for enterprise-resource planning, are pretty much the heart and soul of every single modern company. They manage virtually every aspect of a business, from the sales and purchasing to the accounting and project management departments. Without them, a company is virtually unable to run smoothly without a massive, unnecessary manual exchange of information. Every single department needs to communicate with one another (for example, the production department of a company would need to know what the projected sales figures are for a particular time period in order to ease planning), and ERP systems make this possible with one unified solution.

The only thing is, ERP systems can be complex and expensive, and would be far beyond the budget of most smaller companies. ERPNext is an interesting ERP web app that takes much of the complexity out of ERP, and is more affordable to boot. Let’s take a look at it and see what ERPNext could mean for businesses looking for a better ERP solution today.


With the advent of cloud-based computing and the ever-progressing steps in the technology world, businesses are turning much more to Internet-based programs to help them operate efficiently and keep all their resources organised. Just look at the recent rise of web-based software that is aimed solely at businesses (especially project management software) and you can see that people want to be able to access the IT resources of their business no matter where they are in the world and no matter what device they are using.

But is there really a solution that can run a company completely? Well, MYCO Suite thinks it can. It is an online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system aimed towards small and medium sized businesses which is designed to run almost every single department of a company, from the purchasing and procurement side of things to the sales and human resources side. Unlike conventional ERP systems, which often require a refresh of the entire IT system and can often be a financial burden on companies, MYCO Suite is low-cost ($15 monthly for each user) and is entirely Net-based, meaning that businesses do not have to spend thousands on refreshing their entire IT system.

MYCO Suite may well be a fantastic solution for some companies who need access to their resources not only from the office. To find out whether it is a great tool or not, I signed up for the 7-day free trial and tested it for myself. Here are my findings…


Businesses involve a lot of functions and in any company, large or small, dedicated departments handle the functions assigned to them. This compartmentalization ensures that experts in the respective domain handle things efficiently. But as the company grows there arises a situation when too much time and resources are wasted when each of the departments carry out functions that are redundant.

For example, it is too expensive when both the purchase team and the warehouse management team maintain the same list of products but each in their own format. That may be a tiny part of how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can help you avoid┬áredundancies┬áto run an efficient business. Based on the size of the company and requirements, ERP packages are available from a few thousand to millions of dollars. Today we’ll check out how to set up Openbravo, a modern and professionally backed open source ERP that is cost effective to acquire, operate and upgrade.