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Building a new WordPress theme can be a daunting task. Far from just creating a basic HTML and CSS template, you’ve got use PHP, dig into the WordPress codex to find cryptic ways to access core functions, and create plugins to make your theme tweakable. It’s usually just easier to head to ThemeForest or your favorite WordPress theme site and buy a theme.

That’s why our own writer Joe Casabona just wrote a new book: Building WordPress Themes from Scratch. Published by Rockable Press, part of our own parent company Envato, this book helps you learn how to create your own WordPress themes, even if you’ve never created a theme before. Let’s take a look and see why you might want to check out this book.


Hey folks! I’m Jordan McNamara, the Community Manager for Envato and I wanted to share some exciting news with you about the Envato Marketplaces.

The 12th of September was an exciting day for me as a member of our thriving Marketplace community. I along with everyone here at Envato HQ watched eagerly as the global Marketplace member count steadily grew higher and higher and higher… We were close, very close to the 1,000,000 member milestone. With every page refresh the count grew higher and I began to reflect on just how staggering having 1,000,000 members really is and on just what a fantastic community everyone has helped to build here.


If there’s one thing that everyone, office workers and freelancers alike, dread, it’s tax time. No one likes parting with their hard earned money, but worst of all, you’ve got to have your finances organized too. That can be worse than writing a check to the government.

It’s not uncommon to struggle with keeping up with your finances, especially if you’re working multiple jobs or doing freelance work on the side. You need an easy way to keep up with everything without costing you more precious time. Problem is, most accounting apps are rather pricey, even more so if you need to do more than standard personal finance tracking.

That’s why I was excited to hear about FlowTorch on our Envato Notes blog. FlowTorch is a new free finance management app made by someone who was tired of expensive finance apps or apps that bombard you with offers from banks. So, he set out to make a simple and free finance app using tons of resources from the Envato Marketplaces.

Intrest piqued yet? Keep reading to see if this tool has what you need to make accounting a little less trying.


It’s Envato’s 5th birthday and we’re ready to celebrate! With another year comes another Bundle, and this year’s Bundle is bigger and better than ever with over $500 ($507 in fact) worth of awesome files all for only $20!

With the recent public launch of Envato’s stock photography marketplace PhotoDune, we’ve been able to include even more great files. Our team have handpicked picked some super cool stuff from around the marketplaces and have worked tirelessly to cram them into our 5th Birthday Bundle. See the full list of files on the Birthday Bundle page!

Read on for a quick look through what’s inside this year…


Last night (September 8th, 2010) at 7pm EST, Envato held a Community Meetup in Chicago, IL. One of our awesome staff had the brilliant idea of streaming the event live for those who may not have been able to make it. However, the stream was also recorded so if you missed the live action you can still check out the fun and get a chance to see Envato staff such as our CEO, Collis, marketplace and tuts+ site managers, as well as myself.

There was also a fun Q & A section, so be sure to check that out as well if you missed the live stream. Enjoy!


For four years the Envato Marketplaces have helped authors around the world earn an income selling their digital wares. Along the way we’ve grown from one marketplace to seven, with more on the way. We’ve gone from hundreds of members to hundreds of thousands. Items from our marketplaces have appeared in projects for companies big and small, all around the world. And most importantly of all, we’ve had thousands of authors cash out earnings, ranging from a bit of money for a big weekend to sums in the tens of thousands of dollars a month!

It’s been an amazing ride, and here at Envato along with our commitment to growing AppStorm, we are completely committed to making our marketplaces the best around. That’s why I’m very excited today to announce that as of the end of September we are rolling out some dramatically improved rates for all our exclusive authors! (more…)

If you haven’t heard, Envato, the company behind AppStorm, is turning four and in celebration has released the 2010 Birthday Bundle. As if $400 worth of files for $20 wasn’t an amazing enough deal, we’re giving away five bundles!

Read on for giveaway entry details. [Updated] Winners have been selected! Congrats to amrnt, urbenkeach, samdownie, jonjomckay and PauldeWouters.


Envato, the company behind AppStorm, is turning four! To celebrate we’ve just released our Birthday Bundle for 2010 and it’s even more MASSIVE than last year!


If you’re familiar with the Envato network of sites, ranging from the Tuts+ network to the variety of marketplaces and even our own AppStorm network, you’ll know that Envato’s staff is a collection of people that live not only on the internet but by the internet.

Apps making the most of internet connectivity can easily make either a positive or negative impact on our income. Here are ten apps used by many of the Envato staff, that help us work efficiently from anywhere in the world.


Hi, and welcome to Web.AppStorm, the newest member of the Envato family of sites.

If you are familiar with our sister site, Mac.AppStorm, you can guess what the purpose of this site is. We aim to bring you news, reviews, and resources for all things web related.