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Speak to any progressively-minded and well-educated web designer or developer, and you’ll soon realize that you are conversing with a master craftsman. Like any professional who is highly skilled, these shapers of pixels and writers of code take pride in the jobs they do, and they work to the highest possible standard. This requires, among other practices, the use of clean, semantic code — one less media query here, and one less repeated CSS rule there adds up to a noticeably faster website.

That is all highly commendable if you know what you’re doing (or if you can afford to employ someone who is suitably knowledgeable). But what about when David, the hotelier, wants to add a promo video to his website, or when Rachel, the musician, wants to include her recordings in her web presence? These folks may have basic web-building skills, but they certainly aren’t capable of writing functional micro web-apps. The solution? Embeddable widgets.

Unfortunately, widgets haven’t always been terribly adjustable, good-looking or quick to load, and finding one to suit your exact needs has always been a painful search. A new service named Blogvio, fresh out of private beta, aims to address these issues with a library of stylish, customizable widgets. But can any paste-in code really provide a satisfying addition to your website?


Some time ago we took a look at VP Factory, an app that makes it a cinch to manage your videos, embeds and create a customized video player, among other things. Since that review, the VP Factory team has been hard at work adding features and making improvements.

So what new features and improvements does VP Factory bring to the table now? HTML5 players, modules for ads and analytics and more. Read on for more info. and to see why you should give this app a shot.

(more…) promises to give you a sexy, embeddable and customizable HTML5 video player for your website that will work in every major browser (and quite a few minor ones too). SublimeVideo is currently in beta, but it’s coming soon and we’ve got the scoop. Read on after the fold to learn how to use this fantastic web app.


You’ve probably heard about the HTML5 video hype relatively recently and the excitement over what is has to offer in comparison to Flash. That’s all great but not many people know what players or sites they can use to jump on the HTML5 video bandwagon.

I’ve rounded up 10 of the best sites that offer HTML5 video playback, embedding and/or customizable HTML5 video players. Read on and let us know what, if any, you use for HTML5 video!


We’ve reviewed several apps for online document storage and editing but our options for easy document embedding and publishing has been limited. So, we bring you our review of Scribd, an easy way to publish, socialize and embed your documents.

Read on to see what Scribd can do for you.


Wouldn’t it be nice to easily be able to collect and manage your videos and video playlists in a central location? Or easily customize video player skins with a few clicks? Embedding video players and playlists can be a little tricky, especially for those who aren’t familiar with it. VP Factory is making it drop-dead simple though, even for people who want to host videos themselves.

I’ll take a look at Video Player (VP) Factory and their offerings, as well as walk through a screencast preview of the app.