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Email communication has not changed much in the past decade, but the amount of email we get daily has grown exponentially. Be it relevant communication or spam, the sheer volume of emails received impacts our email productivity. Inboxes are inundated with too many newsletters, product updates and countless other services that send emails adding tremendous noise to the conversation stream.

OtherInbox comes as a cure for email overload. The Otherinbox team has not reinvented the email infrastructure, but has created a web app that acts as a workaround for common email painpoints. In this review, we’ll take a look at how OtherInbox solves email overload by using multiple email addresses.


Remember the Threadsy invites giveaway just last week? 500 invites were given away — but supplies were limited — and they went fast. The guys and gals at Threadsy were so pleased with the turnout they decided to give us 500 more, totaling 1000. Read on to get your invite.

A big thanks goes out to Threadsy for increasing the invites provided to Web.AppStorm readers!


Do you ever feel like your digital life has become rather… bloated? Between social media networks, instant messaging and email, it’s not uncommon for people to have 5-7 (or more) different services to check on a daily basis. In an ever increasing web-centric world, don’t expect this count to drop any time soon.

So what’s a guy or gal supposed to do around here to streamline some of this digital communications mess? Threadsy. It isn’t the answer to all your prayers… yet. Although, they’re definitely on the way towards being a usable solution to literally pull your digital communication streams together — all in one place.

Today I’m taking a look at the exciting, upcoming service — Threadsy.


Google provides a powerful suite of web applications ranging from email and calendar to documents, chat and sites [and so much more]. For web professionals, the typical “” just won’t do. Thankfully, Google offers a professional version (called Google Apps) for professionals, educators, non-profits and government.

The Google Apps Standard version is the version we’ll walk through setting up and customizing to use the power of Google with our own branding. We’ll be setting up our custom domain, branding and checking out the advantages of getting yourself setup with Google Apps.


The current version of AwayFind is an interesting and incredibly helpful idea. It was developed to help you get control of email by only notifying you of urgent messages, and thus the freedom to deal with the rest when you wanted. However, it isn’t just limited to this. It is capable of many more creative uses as well.

For some, email can be a swamp of spam, forwards or unimportant information or notifications. This can be time consuming and frustrating. AwayFind provides a solution to alleviate this (or other) problem(s).

Let’s take a quick look at what AwayFind has to offer.


Anyone who has spent time looking into the various email campaign web applications will be familiar with the big names: Emma, Mailchimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor. All are good tools — and good companies.

When you need to decide on which product would suit you the best, you have to look a little closer to see if there are any differentiating factors to sway your decision. Campaign Monitor has done so in that they targeted their product squarely at designers.


Well, by now you’ve probably all heard that our information overlords over at Google have started to unlock the gates on their modern day answer to an age old problem — communication. So Google Wave is starting to show up in the wild and everyone wants a glimpse.

And we do too. So, welcome to Google Wave Week at Web.AppStorm


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