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Email’s the default business communications app; most of us use it to collaborate with our colleagues without even thinking. But as you start sending more emails back and forth, email can get unwieldy, with important messages lost in the clutter. That’s inspired a whole generation of business apps that try to help us communicate and collaborate outside of email.

Why not just keep using email, and make it better for business collaboration? That’s what GrexIt, our sponsor this week, is designed for. They realized that email’s still the killer app for business, and set out to make it better by adding shared labels and tools to assign tasks and check their status to Gmail and Google Apps accounts. That way, you can archive emails with labels like “Support”, “HR”, “Accounting”, or your project names, and the emails will be automatically shared with everyone you’ve added to those labels. It makes collaborating with your team as simple as keeping your inbox cleaned up.

Then, since it’s just Gmail labels, you can use GrexIt even if you sync your email with Outlook,, or your mobile devices. You can also integrate GrexIt with Google Chrome to manage your shared labels and more directly from Gmail, without having to open your GrexIt account.


If you’ve been wanting a better way for your team to collaborate but didn’t want to have to change your current email-based workflow, GrexIt is exactly what you need. We loved GrexIt when we tried it out for our review, and are sure it’ll be a great asset for your business.

Get GrexIt Half Off!

As a special offer for our Web.AppStorm readers, you can get a free first month trial of GrexIt, and then get a 50% rebate on your first paid month of GrexIt just by signing up at Or, you can keep using GrexIt for free if your team only has up to 3 users and 5 shared labels. Be sure to give it a try this week, and see if it’s the tool you need to make email the ultimate killer app for business.

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Emails are no longer merely a tool for communication between people. I don’t know about you, but my inbox is full of emails, both automated and purposefully typed, from a ton of different contacts, websites and even a few junk senders. From the company that brought you Priority Inbox, a feature that detects which emails are important and presents them upfront, comes a “new inbox that puts you back in control”.

Several weeks back, Google unveiled their new tabbed Gmail inbox. It frames itself as an easy way of separate different types of emails into multiple tabs. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about. (more…)

It would be fair to say that, in the last year or so, email has entered something of a renaissance period. At one stage, not so very long ago, developers were concentrating their minds on how they could replace the decade-old electronic mail system. Now, though, most have realized that email isn’t going away any time soon, and their response has been to innovate with email clients.

The most prominent example of this has been Mailbox. Now owned by Dropbox, this iOS email app has shown one new way in which we can organize our huge flow of incoming messages. For those yet to encounter Mailbox’s basic concept, the sorting process in Mailbox is based upon priority, providing one-finger sorting into categories like Later and Important. Given that Mailbox had a one-million user waiting list during its private beta phase, this idea clearly appeals to many people – including those who don’t have an iPhone.

It is no doubt with some of these people in mind that Handle was created. Handle is more than just another way to access your inbox, though. Billed as a “Priority Engine,” this private beta provides task management, itinerary tracking and an email client all rolled into one.

But is this integrated approach helpful, or a recipe for confusion? Time for a test… (more…)

I’m not only a confessed app junkie, I’m an email hoarder, too. I just counted the number of accounts in Thunderbird and there are a whopping 19 email accounts that I monitor for various reasons. That’s not to mention my various social media accounts. As you can guess, I am always on the lookout for the next great app and I may have stumbled upon one.

Enter Unified Inbox, a new app designed to bring all of your inboxes together. It’s currently free in invite-only beta, and let’s find out how Unified Inbox can wrangle your email and social media accounts and keep you on top of your game. (more…)

Nowadays, it seems that everyone’s sharing pictures all the time on Facebook and Instagram. It only takes a few seconds, and everyone you know can keep up with your life. However, it’s not quite so simple when you have to share those photos with people who are not on any social network. One way to share the photos with them would be to email them every day or upload them on cloud storage services like Dropbox , but that’d be a very annoying task, and the majority of us would forget one day or another.

The solution to this simple problem is PicDigest, a handy service that allows users to automatically send the photos they upload on Facebook or Instagram to people who are not registered on these websites. Want to turn your photos into a quite nice little email newsletter? Here’s the app for you.


The concept of inbox zero is nothing new. It is a nirvana-like inbox state that many people try to attain. We all know the feeling of glancing at a bulging inbox with emails that are yet to be read, more that need to be responded to, and yet more that need filing or deleting. Doing this by hand can be time consuming, but if you have thousands of messages to deal with, Mailstrom could be the tool to get you back on the right track.

Mailstorm is a new beta email app designed to help you keep your inbox under control. Lets see if it’s the app you need to take your unread messages in your inbox by storm.


Looking for a new hosted email solution for your team? Atmail Cloud, our sponsor this week, is the service you should check into. It’s the new cloud-based version of the great Atmail software, letting you use one of the best webmail interfaces on your own domain without having to deal with running your own email servers. We found it to be a great hosted email solution in our recent review of Atmail Cloud, one that has both great web apps and also works great with native email apps.

With Atmail, you can easily manage your teams’ email accounts from the Atmail Webadmin console, even if you have more than one domain name you use for email. Each of your user accounts will come with 10Gb of storage, so you can keep your emails archived easily, and still have room to share files.

Atmail Cloud includes everything you’ll need to keep in touch and stay productive. With rich webmail, calendar, and contacts apps – on the desktop and on your smartphone – as well as support for IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, and Exchange ActiveSync, you’ll get all of your data synced easily. You’ll have no ads in your email app, and no servers to maintain. And you won’t break the bank, either.

Get Atmail Cloud for Your Team!

Email’s one of the most crucial services for any team, so you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing the best service for your needs. You can try out Atmail Cloud for up to 20 users for free for 14 days, then when you’re ready to make the leap, you can signup your whole team for just $2/user/month (with a minimum of 5 users). That’s less than half the price of Google Apps for Business, with more features like Exchange ActiveSync support to keep your team working everywhere.

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So, you have a gigantic file that you want to send to someone? Depending on which service you use for email you may be able to send it as an attachment, but in all likelihood you’re going to exceed the attachment size limit.

You could set up an FTP server or make use of your web space, but this can prove costly in terms of bandwidth. Direct connections are another possibility, but these can be tricky to set up and also pose a security risk. Digital Pigeon is a service that can be used to quickly and easily share files whose sizes are measured in hundreds of megabytes. We take a look to see how it shapes up.


Sadly, Basecamp Breeze is being shut down August 1st. You’ll need to use another app — perhaps Google Groups or Fiesta — if you want to make email lists now.

If we were going to give an award to the most-enduring web service ever, it’d have to go to email. Countless startups have tried to reinvent or replace it, yet none have succeeded so far. Facebook perhaps has done the most towards killing email for personal use, but now Facebook Messages has email built-in. So much for that.

In the business world, 37signals’ Basecamp is marketed as a better alternate to email for team collaboration. It’s a great tool, one we use daily here at AppStorm, but of all things, I actually manage Basecamp communications from my email account more than I do from the web app itself.

And of all things, 37signals’ latest app is an app for creating dead-simple email lists: Basecamp Breeze.


With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, for those of you that are like me and avoid the mall like it is a disease, you are probably doing a lot of online shopping. If you are also like me, you are just starting your shopping or aren’t done yet. I don’t know why I do this to myself every year, but I procrastinate to get my shopping done and because I stick to mainly online, I either have to spend more money on shipping fees, or suck it up and go to the mall.

Well, I have been playing around with an app that is perfect for those of you that like to online shop. Slice can help with all kinds of things when it comes to your impulse buys to ones you want to make sure you get on time. It’s a great app for those that want to keep better record of what they buy and how much they spend online.


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