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For most of us, a large chunk of emails received are usually automated and unimportant stuff like notifications, newsletters, bills, mailing lists, registrations, event invites and the like. Even when you set up multiple filters to move them into their respective folders skipping the inbox, you will still end up getting the same (and new) automated mailers. In fact, services employ people who specialize in making sure that emails land in your inbox rather than a spam folder.

It’s a good sign that a horde of startups are working to address the problem of email overload. A lot of new tricks are being tried out like converting emails to tasks, make reading emails a game and so on. While they offer a partial fix, a fool proof solution is yet to come to market. ZeroMail is a web app that strives to remove clutter from your inbox. It’s time to learn how to put the app to use.


Email: it’s the one part of the internet that has stayed a huge parts of our lives from the time we first started using it until now. There’s no end in sight, either. In spite of the growing popularity of social networks, and bold attempts to replace email with new services like Google Wave, email has stayed the backbone of our online communications. Even Facebook has now added full email capabilities to Facebook messaging.

Your email address is likely one of the first things you signed up for when you first got online. Over the years, most of us have managed to accumulate more and more inboxes. We’ve got work email, school email, personal website emails, Facebook email, and that Yahoo! address you signed up for just to get a Flickr account. You can forward your messages all to one account, or add all of your accounts to Outlook, Sparrow, or any other program. Either way, it can be confusing and difficult to manage.

So, how many email addresses do you have? I personally have over 10 email accounts, including, yes, a Facebook and Yahoo! address that I never plan to use. Fill out the poll, then let us know your most frustrating experience with managing multiple email accounts in the comments below!