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I will be perfectly honest and say that I am not the best when it comes to buying gifts for people. I tend to not know what to buy or am too lazy to go out and shop. With Christmas coming up, I dread even going within a 100 feet of a mall if I don’t have to. I like to do all of my Christmas shopping online if I can.

Well, now there is a new way to give a gift to someone that you love or just want to surprise: Treater. It’s a web app that integrates with your Facebook account and gives you the opportunity to purchase and send gifts electronically. At first, I was a little skeptical by it, but when I tried it out it actually worked okay and I can see something like this being the future of gift giving. Let’s take a look at it.


Tasks that used to take days to do can now take a few hours or even a few minutes, thanks to the internet. Even ordering a physical book or CD from Amazon feels like it takes forever now that we’re used to instant digital downloads. When there’s any delay, it can feel incredibly frustrating.

Take, for example, signing documents. This process can sometimes take what feels like forever. We get the documents ready to be signed and either the signees have to travel to sign it together, or we have to mail the documents to them and wait for them to sign and send the document back to us. Try getting documents signed internationally, and the delays (and expenses incurred) are even crazier.

HelloSign, the makers of HelloFax, an app I reviewed a little while back, aims to make this process a whole lot easier for everyone that needs to get documents signed. Technology is moving forward and they are taking advantage of it, by giving you an experience that leaves you thinking “What did I do without this?” At least that was my initial thoughts as I played around with it and started to see how this could be very useful. (more…)