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If you use computers long enough, chances are you’ll eventually want to learn at least a little bit of programming. You can only hear so many stories about exciting new apps and whole businesses built from several thousands lines of code before you start thinking that you could do it, too. Problem is, it’s often daunting to get started programming. Most programming books almost seem too difficult, or else they start out so slow and basic that you’re bored before you even get started.

We clearly need a new way for the next generation of coders to learn how to program. Programming doesn’t have to be an exclusive thing only for über geniuses. And you don’t need a Stanford Computer Science degree for it, either. Codecademy is an exciting new web app that aims to make programming more approachable for everyone. Best of all, you can start off learning JavaScript, that all-important language for web apps. Let’s take a look.


Students and teachers have either the most simplistic or the most complex systems at their disposal when it comes learning online. Case in point: simplistic video conference solutions and elaborate Learning Management Systems. Given that the subject matter is already hard for many, trying and spending time to understanding a new tool that helps them learn is an extra burden.

They could use a solution that is somewhere in the middle. Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Like always, I’m gonna take it for a test drive, would you like to join me?


The importance of institutional education varies depending on culture and geography. For instance, in the part of the world I live, at least one professional college degree is a must to have a fair chance in landing a decent job. The number of degrees is directly proportional to the social status.

On the contrary, in countries like USA, college and school drop outs don’t have so much hardship in life. In fact, successful people like Peter Thiel encourage students with upfront cash to drop out of college. In my opinion, both the mindsets are flawed. Not everyone is brilliant, self starting and adaptive to changing conditions.

The thing is, it’s not a degree per se that is so important, but the education you gain from it. Education is what gives the rest of the average and below average students a sense of direction and a chance to figure out what they are better suited to do in life, and can even broaden advanced students’ world view. OpenStudy is a virtual meeting place for students from across the globe to form study groups and learn everything from Math to History. Let’s see how you can use this to broaden your own horizons and learn more, whether you’re in college or starting the next Facebook.


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