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If you’re a designer — or an aspiring designer, or perhaps just someone who loves seeing beautiful pixel art — you’ve surely heard of Dribbble. The “Twitter for designers”, of a sort, Dribbble is the place to showcase shots of your latest design creations. It’s hardly a new site, and we actually reviewed it originally 3 years ago.

I’ve been playing around as designer for the past few months, especially after I was drafted on Dribbble. Then I wondered about going Pro, because, you know, the badge fits my color palette and I thought: “What if our readers ponder the same thing?”. So we’ll be looking through the pros and cons of going Pro on Dribble and by the end of the article I’ll be drafting one of our readers. That’s today’s game.


If you’re a creative and you haven’t yet heard of Dribbble, it’s a fun and unique app allowing designers, developers and other creatives to show parts of their current works with a little sports lingo mixed in. It’s also a fantastic resource for feedback and community. It’s currently invite only, so you’ll need to do a little searching to find yourself an invite.

Here’s are quick review of Dribbble, which we’ve heard many fantastic things about among the design community.