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It’s hard enough to run a fundraiser and convince people to give to your cause. The last thing that should be difficult is receiving the money once people decide to contribute. Recently, I needed to raise money for a fundraiser and was looking for a tool to be able to do this easily. After searching through various big sites such as JustGiving, I realized that there weren’t many ways to raise funds online for personal projects.

PayPal was the only place that kept coming up as a simple way to raise donations. Well known as the most popular way to send funds online, PayPal is something many of us use regurally in work already. It’s not 100% straightforward to set it up for receiving donations, but it’s not too hard either. So whether you’re raising funds for your school or perhaps for Movember, here’s what you’ll need to do to accept donations via PayPal.


As most of you may have heard, Haiti was recently devastated by one of the largest earthquakes in its history. This isn’t particularly web app news but what generally follows disasters such as this, is help from around the world. As we all know, help requires money which generally leads to donations.

Thanks to today’s web app technology, donations have become so incredibly simple and easy that not donating is virtually inexcusable. There’s no need for mailing a check or visiting an office to make a donation. From a simple text message to a short online checkout, donating is literally at our fingertips — no matter where you are.

In recognition of the recent Haiti disaster, we’ve rounded up ten sites for quick and painless donating. These have been made possible by the power of web applications, no matter how simple (contact forms, payment gateways, etc).