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It has been a long time rumor that Google was going to release some kind of cloud stoage product akin to the likes of Dropbox or iCloud. It does make sense, after all; Google was the company that changed email by offering an unprecidented 1GB of storage for email all the way back in 2004- storage that they’ve been increasing steadily ever since. With Google Music, you get a crazy 20GB of space for your music. You can upload documents to Google Docs and store them forever. What about all files? Well last Monday Google officially launched Google Drive.

Before we get started, I’ve got to say that while I am a Google fanboy, I absolutely love Dropbox. I’ve been using it for a long time and have told lots of people about it as it’s definitely the best way to share files and folders. Let’s see how Google Drive stacks up against it.


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t used Microsoft Office on my desktop in the past year and half. That’s an interesting nugget of information considering the fact that I write for a living and write about 25,000 words a month. So where does all of this writing happen? On a moleskin notebook? No, Google Docs.

Office is Microsoft’s cash cow, a vertical that has seen no real competition for decades. Thanks to Google, your documents have been liberated from the desktop prison and made available anywhere there’s an internet connection. Did I forget to mention the fact that you can edit a document with multiple people from across the globe in real time? Well, I just did.

The slow but steady exodus of its userbase has made Microsoft rethink its strategy and resulted in the launch of After the break let we’ll take a look at how Microsoft Office in the cloud can enhance your productivity.


Despite having friends who can get me all the latest business management solutions in unbelievable volume licensing prices, I have decided to keep all my operations in the cloud. It’s only logical for anyone to invest in the future rather than outdated, cumbersome software that is often disconnected from the Internet.

Cloud apps are maturing fast and so are their abilities to run entire businesses from one online destination instead of many. Apps like WORKetc, offer umbrella business management solutions. Zoho ups the ante in the business management suite arena with 22 apps, all accessible from a unified dashboard.


Google provides a powerful suite of web applications ranging from email and calendar to documents, chat and sites [and so much more]. For web professionals, the typical “” just won’t do. Thankfully, Google offers a professional version (called Google Apps) for professionals, educators, non-profits and government.

The Google Apps Standard version is the version we’ll walk through setting up and customizing to use the power of Google with our own branding. We’ll be setting up our custom domain, branding and checking out the advantages of getting yourself setup with Google Apps.