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We may live in the information age, but today, communicating with your coworkers often isn’t as simple as just walking over to their desk. Often we’re working with people across the globe, and the internet is the main way we can stay in touch. To work efficiently in this new age, we need better ways to stay in touch.

The good thing is, there’s more ways to communicate now than ever before. You don’t have to wonder if you can stay in touch, but you do need to find the best way to stay in touch. Last week, we asked you what communications tools you use. We’ve rounded up the best and most popular communication tools, including old standbys and new tools you may have never heard of. Keep reading to find new ways to stay in touch with your team, wherever they are.


Today, it’s easy to create a new blog in seconds with, Tumblr, or Posterous. You can start publishing and get your content online quickly, and many software firms today consist of little more than a website and apps in an App Store. But what if you want an easy way to discuss what you’re creating? Group chat can be very difficult to setup, and forums are even more frustrating. Should you just resort to @replies on Twitter for communicating with your customers?

We were excited to recently discover Convore, which is a new webapp that’s designed to take away the the friction with creating a private forum. ┬áIn seconds, you can start a new realtime discussion page for your group. Private or Public discussions, PC or mobile, Convore works the way you want. Let’s take a deeper look so you’ll see exactly how to create a new Convore discussion.