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With the advent of the tablet, specifically the iPad, book and magazine publishing has gotten a lot more attention than they thought they would ever get. Gone are the days of just publishing your book for print and selling millions of hard back copies to make the New York Times bestseller list. You have to also think about publishing for ebooks and for some, targeting devices like the iPad or another tablet. The same goes for magazines, more and more I am seeing them being tailored to the tablet or the web because frankly, that is where the audience is at or heading toward.

The same can be said for content creation as well, it is moving toward creating for not only a hard back, but also for the web and other devices. But, what is also pretty cool is that content creation is becoming easier for the average Joe to get his/her hands on and come up with something pretty decent. Zeen, is one of those services that make this possible for people like you and I to create something beautiful on the web, and then be able to share it out with the world in a way that looks presentable. It is one of those apps that if you are willing to be a little creative, it has a lot of potential to be a useful tool.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, the first thing you should do is to figure out how best you can use the Internet to run your business. Running an online business can be significantly profitable and economically scalable. It comes with far less capital costs and risks.

Take the case of an ecommerce site vs a brick and mortar business. You could scale the business any which way you want when it’s online. No rental, no advance, very little inventory, a huge geographical area to cover among other perks ensure lesser heartburn. To top it, if you figure out a way to sell digital goods online, the return on investment to risk ratio is way too low and you probably are settled in life for good.

Sellfy is a platform for selling digital products such as design templates, graphics, e-books, photos, music, video and everything else digital. If you have an idea to run your own digital marketplace, you should not miss out what transpires after the fold.


The explosion of web applications in recent times has resulted in numerous ways to promote yourself. Last week we looked at a tool to describe you — but what about your work? A professional web designer may have the ability to create their own portfolio site, but what about the rest of us? Fortunately, there are some great tools available.

One of the best I’ve seen is Carbonmade.