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If you’re a creative and you haven’t yet heard of Dribbble, it’s a fun and unique app allowing designers, developers and other creatives to show parts of their current works with a little sports lingo mixed in. It’s also a fantastic resource for feedback and community. It’s currently invite only, so you’ll need to do a little searching to find yourself an invite.

Here’s are quick review of Dribbble, which we’ve heard many fantastic things about among the design community.


Web design and development has significantly changed over the years, as have the tools and technologies involved. With these advancements come tools to make our lives easier, provide higher quality work and better services for our clients. Communication and collaboration over vast distances is no longer painfully frustrating (or impossible) and project or task management is now easier than ever.

Web designers and developers can also jump on virtually any internet connected computer with a modern browser to get work done without their main desktop applications. Wireframe, design, test, develop, deploy and so much more, straight from the web.

Here are 51 web apps to make web designer’s and developer’s lives easier than ever and crank up their capabilities. (more…)