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Consumer affairs can be messy, and can make or break an organization. Customers always feel they are right, while on the other hand on the other hand, company representatives, hiding behind the corporate structure, often have a pompous attitude and feel that one customer isn’t going to make a huge difference. Or, at least that’s what they thought until the rise of social media.

In today’s world, one angry customer is all that it takes to destroy years of carefully built brand image. We’ve witnessed several Twitter mobs in recent years vandalizing a company’s image for no reason, with people mindlessly retweeting things they’ve heard without even trying to see if it’s true. Due to these repeated encounters, companies started started taking aggressive measures against anything that put them in bad light. But, sadly, many genuine complaints get lost in this huge mess of online name-calling and coverup, and it doesn’t make things any better for anyone.

This is where Gripevine comes in.