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The human brain really isn’t very good at processing masses of abstract data…well, I know mine isn’t, anyway. Brains can usually cope with a few things at one time (“must reply to that email once I get back from picking up the milk”), but when faced with a torrent of information, such as the web bombards us with, most brains start to struggle.

It is for this very reason that virtual dashboards have gained popularity. Developers recognize that even the most basic of web-apps, like a blog, can churn out a mass of data, which can only be seen with clarity if it is delivered in a human-friendly, visual format. Yet the idea of a personal dashboard, possibly the most useful matrix of this kind imaginable, still hasn’t really taken off, despite the traction that services such as iGoogle, My Yahoo and Netvibes gained in their early days.

Perhaps the smartphone has shoved the dashboard into outdatedness and redundancy. Or perhaps the desktop dashboard format just needs some reinvigoration. If the latter scenario is the more accurate, then Dash wants to be that reinvigoration. It is pretty, well connected and dynamic — but is it good enough to be your new homepage?


Are you ready to have all your data in one place, so you can grow your business and take care of your customers? Are you tired of having to go to all your different web services to get to YOUR data? Then you need Leftronic, our sponsor this week, to make a graphical dashboard that’ll show all of your team’s data in one place.

Leftronic makes it easy to build a dashboard with your key metrics. You can be up and running and tracking real-time data in just a few clicks. Start with templates to quickly create dashboards that connect to the data sources of your choice, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Zendesk
  • New Relic
  • Pingdom
  • Salesforce
  • Mixpanel
  • …and more!

You can connect to all your data, no matter the source: whether it’s in the cloud, on your server, or in your Excel spreadsheet. You can even your own custom data with Leftronic’s API or Spreadsheet tool. Then, Leftronic has lots of widgets to display your data in insightful ways.

Leftronic was designed for large screens in mind, so display your dashboards on a big TV in your office or lobby, or next to the water cooler. Or you can just share your dashboards online with built-in unlimited sharing with read-only links so anyone can see your dashboards from their computer.

Get a Dashboard for Your Team Today!

Ready to get a dashboard to show all of your team’s data? Then get started with a 30 day free Leftronic trial today! Then, you can keep using it after that to keep your team in touch with your business data starting at $42/month for up to 2 screens.

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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Dashboard. The developer describes Dashboard as a simple web based lead management application that allows individual or sales teams to manage leads. The simple user interface enables non-technical sales reps to be able to perform their job. Dashboard’s form builder provides for a flexible way of collecting the leads. Web-to-dashboard, multiple lead submission via API, manual entry or even CSV importing. Close more deals faster!

Read on for more information and screenshots!