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As a tech junkie and blog writer, I have the amazing opportunity to test out and review amazing, cool products at times. There are other times when I just make the impulse buy because I cannot wait to get the latest tech in my hands. Sites like Kickstarter have definitely not helped my wallet. But, as some of you may have experienced, Kickstarter is not the most ideal place to actually purchase tech goods. The goal there is that when you contribute money, you are helping fund the inventor’s creation, and you are not paying for the actual end product. Inventors do reward you with an end product, but they are not bound to produce anything for you.

For a while, this model worked well for Kickstarter and its community of people that would support projects. But, lately, I am reading more and more about Kickstarter being more strict on what kinds of projects they are accepting as well as frustrated customers not being able to get their products because inventors didn’t come through. I could tell that change was coming and within the past few months I have seen other sites starting to pop up and today, I wanted to mainly focus on a brand new one that just came online, called Christie Street. They take a somewhat different approach than Kickstarter and it actually makes a lot of sense for both the inventor as well as the customer.


No matter how large your business is, a standard address book likely won’t cut your contact management needs. Even freelancers and small businesses need to keep up with customers, suppliers, industry contacts, and all of the individual information about them. Depending on your business, you may need to keep up with potential deals and proposals, current issues, outstanding bills or issues, and more. What you need is a customer relationship manager (CRM) to help you keep track of everything.

The only problem is, there are so many CRM systems avilable, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Plus, most are expensive and difficult to use. 37signals Highrise is one of the more popular CRM webapps, and while it’s not┬ánecessarily┬áthe cheapest option, it’s easily one of the simplest to use while covering the features your business needs. Let’s take a look at what Highrise has to offer.


We recently took a look at Nicereply and how easy the app makes it to get customer feedback and satisfaction information. The Nicereply team has been generous enough to offer five lucky Web.AppStorm readers free Beautiful accounts for life!

Read on to see if you are a winner of a Beautiful account! (If you entered the giveaway.)


We recently took a look at Nicereply and how easy it is to obtain customer satisfaction and feedback directly regarding email communication, with nothing more than a simple link in your emails. The Nicereply team has been generous enough to offer five lucky Web.AppStorm readers free Beautiful accounts for one year life!

Read on to see how you can snag one of these great Beautiful accounts!


Nobody wants to buy a product and just walk away. Every customer wants to be heard and expects a response that’s not canned or from a template. Most don’t expect a response in real-time, but they do need a personal one when it arrives.

Get Satisfaction is a web app that’s hogging the limelight these days in the customer support and satisfaction domain. When arch rivals like Apple and Microsoft use the same app for communicating with their customers, there must be something good. If you are as curious as me to explore the app, do read on.


Acquiring new customers is a painstaking & costly exercise. You’ll have to run from one end to another marketing or pitching your product to customers. Often times it takes an umpteen number of meetings before you can sign the customer. All the previous calls & meetings with lost opportunities are not entirely useless either.

A combined knowledge of successful & unsuccessful pitches will help make your next sales call more efficient. On a similar note, customer retention is just as important. As repeat sales lead to positive word of mouth and less overhead towards marketing. But how can you achieve all these things economically & effectively? Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution such as vtiger.