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CU3ER is a fantastic Flash-based app that makes it simple to create 3D slideshows with a wide range of customizable options that will be sure to catch your site’s visitor’s attention. The CU3ER team is generously offering three lucky Web.AppStorm readers Pro accounts, each worth $49.

Read on for more information on CU3ER and how to enter to win.


The simplest way to grab a visitor’s attention, impress a client, or draw eyeballs for an online promotion, is to go with slideshows created in Flash. Flash slideshows look snazzy, are light weight and are visible on almost any web browser. But how long can we scrape through with the good old two dimensional slide and flip transitions?

This where CU3ER steps in to our rescue. CU3ER comes with a great set of features, enabling you to create 3D slideshows with a wide range of customization options to make your slideshow as impressive as possible. Let us go check it out.