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My friend Savio has been eyeing the top-of-the-line iPad Mini ever since it was launched, and with the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a nice gift for him. Unfortunately, Christmas means having to buy presents for everyone, so the amount one can afford to spend per person tends to go down a bit. It was a disheartening thought because I know how much Savio wanted that iPad Mini.

But Savio’s a great guy and everybody loves him. You know the type? He seems to make friends anywhere he goes and because he’ll go the extra mile for you, you feel like doing more for him. Well, I decided to tap into the goodwill Savio’s earned to get him that gift he wanted.

Share A Gift is a fantastic site that is, essentially, a Kickstarter for gifts! You can invite people to contribute to a gift and collect all that money to buy that much-wanted item. Here’s how it works… (more…)