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Anyone who’s anyone in the social media game these days is familiar with Klout. It’s a service that measures your social media influence across multiple platforms by determining who you engage with and how effectively you engage with them. It’s a great metric for determining who you influence, how much you influence them, and what you’re influential about. But what if you want to take it a step further, and make your social media engagement more effective? Crowdbooster is a (relatively) new service designed to do just that.

Crowdbooster gives you “tweet-level” metrics on how your message fares on its journey toward reaching as many people as possible. Then, it gives you actionable suggestions of how to utilize that information to increase your influence. Crowdbooster is presently in closed beta, and while anyone can sign up for an invite, you can never be sure of how long the waiting list is. I was fortunate enough to score an invite through Klout, and here is what I’ve found.


For long businesses have ignored the real concerns and feedback from ordinary consumers. They did things their own way without much of a risk of negative publicity. With the advent of social media, the cozy cocoon they had built has been taken down. Today, social authority is much more widely spread.

Twitter and Facebook gives every average Joe a unique voice and global reach. Brands can be built or brought down in 140 characters or less. Responsible businesses take social media seriously and after the break you will find a list of apps to monitor and measure the social pulse.