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One thing that is a necessity in any business — keeping accurate tabs on your customers. Or more so, your potential customers. Having the right tool to track who you’ve done business with or could do business with can help you make the transition from barely getting by each month to running a prosperous business.

JavelinCRM is a tool that is new on this scene, but fits the bill.


A recent move to a new computer was a cause for me to review my list of contacts and do some pruning. As a Mac user, I prefer Google’s price and flexibility when compared to Apple’s Mobile Me. Using Google’s free email, calendar and contact management was always preferable, and with Apple’s support of those services within their own desktop applications, I’ve been more than happy to stick with this setup over the years.

But syncing is always a tricky business — and Address Book in OS X is no different. Although it was set to sync with my Google Contacts, I’ve found good number of duplicates time and again.


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