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When you think of a CMS, chances are you think of a PHP-based application installed on your server that lets you login and add/edit pages, such as Drupal or Joomla, or maybe even WordPress. Such content management systems are great, especially for users that aren’t massively fluent in code. However, the way these websites work can make it difficult to customise your website, leaving the backend dictating how the frontend works. Osmek, on the other hand, aims to be flexible enough (and powerful enough) to work with any design or idea you have whilst leaving you with benefit of easy data entry.

How does it do this, and how good a job does it do? Let’s take a look… (more…)

If you’re a developer or designer, chances are you’ve worked on a project where knowing the type of content the client will want to add is crucial to the design or development process. Emails are sent around containing the content but it can be incredibly difficult to keep it all managed, especially if that content isn’t final and subject to change in the foreseeable future. If only there were a system where content could be managed easily by both parties and kept in a manner that is convenient for both.

This is where GatherContent comes in. It offers an easy way for developers and clients alike to manage the content that will comprise the website while the website itself is still being developed. Read on to find out more.


There are plenty of ways to manage a website, from home-baked content management systems to established juggernauts like WordPress and ExpressionEngine, from free solutions like Tumblr to paid services like Squarespace. You could roll your own HTML and CSS based static site, or cook up a fully responsive site based on a content management system designed for sites with millions of articles. It’s your choice.

Harmony is throwing its hat into the ring, hoping to appeal to users that are seeking a fully-functional website builder that is powerful and simple. It’s a hosted website design and content management system that’s designed to let you focus on creation rather than the engine behind your site. Let’s take a look and see if it has what you need to power your site.


Sometimes less is more. When it comes to content management systems there’s a huge selection of feature rich, powerful and incredibly complicated options, but what about the lightweight jobs? Many of today’s popular CMSes are overkill for small, basic tasks where the extra frills just aren’t needed.

Today we bring you 10 fantastic lightweight CMSes that’ll get the job done without the extra bloat.