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Of all the major forms of digital communication, email is, perhaps, the most flexible. Yet, for the website owner, it still can’t be relied on, in its purest form, as the sole method of communication. Visitors still like the reassuring guidance of specified text fields, and in some cases, pre-defined options can make for a better user experience, not to mention more streamlined correspondence.

It is for this reason that form builders are as popular now as they’ve ever been. Veteran Wufoo has held the top spot for many years, thanks to its drag-and-drop design suite and elegant output. Other platforms — Gravity Forms (WordPress only), for example — carve out their own market share by providing special features, such as payments and multiple-input guards.

However, one new form-building service, named Formbakery, wants to keep things simple. It, too, offers drag-and-drop design, as well as a form-by-form price. But can it match up to the long-established giants of form creation?


These days, the first interaction a company will have with a customer will most likely be via its website. I know any time I’m about to make an important purchase or consider a new service it’s straight to the Internet I go. It’s quick and easy; no wonder major companies spend thousands ensuring their websites are up to date and looking sharp. And for big companies, that’s all well and good. They can afford designers and developers to handle the customer experience. For small start-ups and businesses this isn’t the case.

The ‘Contact Us’ page is where you customers go if they have a problem with your products, have a question or want to head down to your premises. It’s a ‘call to action’ page; something which web copy writers stress has to be done right.

Formsly take the pain out of creating and managing your contact page and include some awesome features to boot. Every channel imaginable for your customers to reach you is accounted for, but is it right for everyone?


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Formsly. The developer describes Formsly as a WYSIWYG web-app which allows individuals and businesses to generate a feature-rich contact page in a few clicks. Users can integrate Google Maps and navigation, list multiple offices or stores, integrate social media profiles, HTML widgets like Live Support, route form emails to different departments, and view built in analytics. No coding is needed and integration is simple.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


The web is rapidly becoming a big part of our lives and whether we realize it or not, we often have accounts with a wide range of web services or apps. When communicating with people online, why bother limiting them to a single contact method instead of just giving them a way to choose the method for themselves?

This is where OnePage comes in. OnePage offers an easy way to create a virtual contact card that can easily be distributed to provide other visitors with a means of contacting you through several services. The process of contacting users of the service can be made even quicker and easier when offering many different methods of contact and it merely becomes a matter of convenience when deciding which method to use. Find out more about OnePage inside the article.


When you’re running a business by yourself or in a small team, you’re often prone to the obtrusive clutter in your email inbox – causing you to spend more time sorting everything out and leaving you with less time to do your job. Inside all of this clutter, you’re expected to easily identify clients and separate these important messages from the rest but this can also lead to a lot of headaches.

ContactMe does all of this and more – it offers a great and useful way to manage all of your contacts and make discussion with your clients that extra bit easier. Offering support for almost every aspect of contact management, it can be a really great addition to any business. Read on to see what I’m talking about.


Well designed and enhanced web forms can really complete a great website interface experience (ie. sign up forms). It’s certainly not an aspect developers or designers should settle for less on. We’ve gathered 25 really fantastic web forms for your design and development inspiration.


Forms. We all need them, yet they’re one of the elements of the web that most of us cringe at the thought of creating. They take a strong mix of skills between a developer and designer to create — forms that are a breeze to use, function perfectly and look amazing. Forms are the ever important breaking point between creating a new customer or simply collecting a visitor’s information.

FormSpring Formstack makes it a breeze to create fantastic forms of nearly all types that look and function like your web app or business depends on them. Not only that, but FormSpring Formstack makes it incredibly easy to manage the data collected and take it a step further with charts, reports and more. Read on for our look into FormSpring Formstack.

Edit: FormSpring has changed their name to Formstack.