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Remember the days of actually having meetings face-to-face? Sitting around a table in suits discussing finance and such? Well, time’s have changed and now we do our collaboration online. I can collaborate with a colleague in Australia from my home in the UK thanks to a wealth of online collaboration tools.

MeetingBurner is another online meeting tool, currently in beta, with some pretty nice enhancements over what the competition currently offers. MeetingBurner advertises itself as being one of the easiest meeting platforms to just get involved with, and it’s certainly pretty simple therein. Not only will MeetingBurner reignite your love for screen-sharing, but it will also stream the host’s webcam to get a visual conferencing experience.


There is no denying that Facebook is making social connections and interactions incredibly easy. After reinventing the concept of social networking, Facebook has now become a platform and a global phenomenon paving way for millions of people across theĀ globe to come together. Now that access to the internet is ubiquitous and bandwidth is cheap, video conferencing and chat usage is exponentially on the rise.

The problem with popular standalone video chat and conferencing apps is that you’ll have to have a separate account and you’ll have to invite your friends to come on board in order to engage in a meaningful conversation. However, when it comes to Facebook, where all our friends seems to be online all the time, video chat apps help bring single click access to your social network.

After the jump we have some of the nicest video chat and conferencing apps on the Facebook platform are taken for a spin. Join us.