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You probably write a blog. I write three personal blogs (with more coming soon!), and then there’s the blogs that I write for professionally. But blog writing has never been about the writing. Blog writing has never been about community. In fact, blog writing is a very personal and self-indulgent thing, despite the fact that you want to generate an audience. You’re not writing with any partners and you probably can’t generate an audience.

That’s because blogs have always been made with a single person in mind — you, the writer. It’s like a public diary. But in today’s world of social networks, that’s often not enough. While Twitter has proved that many writers can successfully make 140 characters work for them, most of us still want to write long form articles.

It’s time for a change. Medium is promising to be that change.


I am a strong believer in the idea that no website would be successful without input from its visitors. After all, those are the website’s audience, and as such, have the biggest opinion on the sort of things that are posted because otherwise. Otherwise, why would they visit? If you’re running a blog or any website which invites users to comment, one app to definitely check out is Disqus.

A comments platform specifically designed for websites looking to unite their users’ comments, Disqus can be a great addition to any website. In this how-to, I’ll be showing you how to get Disqus up and running on your website so you can begin uniting your users through comments.


Looking through your site’s analytics can be insightful and unsettling at the same time. You can see how many people read your latest articles, but then wonder why they didn’t share the link or join in the conversation. Disqus has tried to take on this problem by making comments more social, and building in a new ranks system to let your loyal readers show that they’re staying involved.

We’re going to take a look at some of the newest features in Disqus, and how you can use them to enhance your site’s community. Then, we’ve got 2 Disqus Pro accounts to giveaway to our readers: a 1 year subscription, and a 6 month subscription. Keep reading to learn more about Disqus and how you can win Disqus Pro for your site!

Our giveaway is closed for new entries, but you can vote on the site you want to see with a Disqus Pro subscription on our 2nd round article!

(more…), founded in 1995 by the nonprofit organization Action Without Borders, is an online community promoting the connection of people, organizations, opportunities, and resources to build a better world through community engagement. Now with over 6,000 job listings, 13,000+ volunteer opportunities, and over 320,000 registered users, there has never been a better time to look at what the community has to offer, especially for anyone looking to make a difference.

Need a job? Need more experience? Both of these opportunities could just be a few clicks away. If you have ever wanted an easy way to give back and get involved with your community, read on to see how you can leverage to get the opportunity or position that you have always wanted.

People sure do ask a lot of questions. When you’re trying to make a large purchase, or find a new tool for your needs, chances are you’ll come up with a ton of questions you want to ask. Since a lot of purchasing of products and services is happening online, it’s only natural for potential customers to expect an active communication channel to get their questions answered. While not everyone expects a toll free number, a decent FAQ section is absolutely mandatory.

Answerbase is a web app that helps you to create and add a Q&A community on your website in just a couple of minutes. The Q&A platform enables the visitors on your website to ask questions and get relevant answers regarding your products or service. We’ll take a look at how to create a Q & A site ourselves after the break.


There’s plenty of information on the internet today, but it can still be difficult to find that one fact you need. Google can’t answer your questions directly, and if you do search for a question, chances are you’ll find some off-the-wall response on Yahoo! Answers. Not exactly what you were looking for.

Instead, today there are a number of niche question and answer sites that can make your search for an answer much more productive. These sites are designed to let users ask and answer questions, and usually let readers vote up answers that are the best. There’s several well known niche Q&A sites that you may already use, but keep reading to see the best places to get your questions answered that we’ve found.


Nobody wants to buy a product and just walk away. Every customer wants to be heard and expects a response that’s not canned or from a template. Most don’t expect a response in real-time, but they do need a personal one when it arrives.

Get Satisfaction is a web app that’s hogging the limelight these days in the customer support and satisfaction domain. When arch rivals like Apple and Microsoft use the same app for communicating with their customers, there must be something good. If you are as curious as me to explore the app, do read on.


Nowadays, people want to get involved with websites, if only to boost their online image. If you’re a blog owner and you want to get more from your readers, it can be a good idea to allow them to submit their own posts. If you don’t want to have to constantly worry about editing submissions and then scheduling them for publishing on the main blog itself, why not create your own community blog section dedicated to just reader submissions?

Kapost allows you to do just that and although your submissions are hosted with them, you can seamlessly integrate them into your blog to suit your requirements.


Whether it’s for business or pleasure, online forum communities are a great way of bringing individuals together to openly discuss subjects that interest them. In this article, I’m going to be looking at a great hosted online community app called Vanilla Forums that allows you to kick-start an online meeting place for easy collaboration and discussion.


If you’re a creative and you haven’t yet heard of Dribbble, it’s a fun and unique app allowing designers, developers and other creatives to show parts of their current works with a little sports lingo mixed in. It’s also a fantastic resource for feedback and community. It’s currently invite only, so you’ll need to do a little searching to find yourself an invite.

Here’s are quick review of Dribbble, which we’ve heard many fantastic things about among the design community.