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It’s no secret that online communities, though the technology and structure has been around for a while, are still thriving and are as popular as ever. Apps have managed to take full advantage of this and provide their own take on the message board format and one such example is Vanilla. It takes the idea back to its basics and provides its users with an incredible interface to engage in real conversations.

I originally reviewed Vanilla back in 2010 but a fair bit has changed since then and I’ll be taking a closer look at these changes. Read on to find out more!


IdeaScale is a place where a user submits an idea, others vote on the ideas submitted by others and the best idea gets bubbled up. In this way you can ensure that you are in close relationship with your customers. IdeaScale is used by all types of organizations ranging from government agencies to non-profits; essentially companies of all sizes.

We’ll take a quick peek at getting your IdeaScale community setup.