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Remember the Threadsy invites giveaway just last week? 500 invites were given away — but supplies were limited — and they went fast. The guys and gals at Threadsy were so pleased with the turnout they decided to give us 500 more, totaling 1000. Read on to get your invite.

A big thanks goes out to Threadsy for increasing the invites provided to Web.AppStorm readers!


The hubbub over Google Wave has greatly abated, but there are still many people patiently (or impatiently) waiting to get a chance to try this tool out. Especially those who suffer from overcrowded inboxes.

Whether you just want to give it a try or have a project to collaborate on, here’s your chance to get a belated invite — we’re giving away 10 today.


A lot of fuss has been made about the fact that email was originally designed 40 year ago, that it no longer works in our fast paced world, and that we need a change. It’s funny — go back just a couple hundred years ago and most people would have considered a 40 year old technology to be very modern. But the twentieth century obliterated that mentality.

And now, here we are. Yes, sometimes communication is hard. Sometimes it is scattered. And sometimes it’s easier to use a tool other than email. Now Google is doing their best to fix the problem and Google Wave is their attempt to do just that. But can it change the way we communicate online?

Only time will tell, but for now we can look at the application itself and see what it’s made of. (more…)

Well, by now you’ve probably all heard that our information overlords over at Google have started to unlock the gates on their modern day answer to an age old problem — communication. So Google Wave is starting to show up in the wild and everyone wants a glimpse.

And we do too. So, welcome to Google Wave Week at Web.AppStorm


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