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We may live in the information age, but today, communicating with your coworkers often isn’t as simple as just walking over to their desk. Often we’re working with people across the globe, and the internet is the main way we can stay in touch. To work efficiently in this new age, we need better ways to stay in touch.

The good thing is, there’s more ways to communicate now than ever before. You don’t have to wonder if you can stay in touch, but you do need to find the best way to stay in touch. Last week, we asked you what communications tools you use. We’ve rounded up the best and most popular communication tools, including old standbys and new tools you may have never heard of. Keep reading to find new ways to stay in touch with your team, wherever they are.


Collaborate the App: The Simplest Way to Collaborate with Your Teams

It continues to amaze me how people are now able to collaborate with each other and work on a project or business together and not be in the same space, state, or even country. The power of the web has been able to bring people together like never before. It continues to fascinate me how this works and that it is actually producing good results.

Collaborate, the web app that I am reviewing today, does exactly what its name says. It gives you the power of the web to collaborate with others, whether it be on a work project or something else where you need to communicate over the web. I was very interested in it because in my work as an online educator, I have teachers that are in many different areas of our state and some that are even out of state. This platform gives me the ability to communicate with them and to be able to work together effectively as if we were right there working in the same office. I was eager to try it out to see how it would work and whether or not this would be a long term solution for our group.


Interview: Meet Peter Sandtner from HushFlow

When it comes to online collaboration, it can either be a nightmare or a walk in the park. However, one of the main factors in deciding which way the collaborative experience can go is whether or not you have the right tool to ensure it. For decades, people have used email as a primary means of contact with others online so it can be only natural for people to opt for this first but for people that want a bit more than just what email has to offer, there is a handy little app named HushFlow.

Though the app’s currently in beta phase, we’ve managed to get an interview with Peter Sandtner, one of the main developers working on the project. Read on to find out more and read the interview!


StatusNet: Microblogging in the Enterprise

Microblogging is everywhere. Twitter and Facebook have popularized updating the world on our status, and now, most of us use it daily. From the way it allows people to communicate and requiring minimal effort to the fact that it could be considered one of the most effective ways to communicate with people as a whole in the digital realm, it’s no wonder that so many businesses embrace microblogging in the ways in which it deserves.

For this reason, people have tried to do the concept justice and create new and innovative ways of using it to really get people talking. It’s no further surprise that smart tools like StatusNet have sprung up to make the process a lot simpler for enterprises looking at embracing the social network format that we’ve seen so many times before. Read on to find out more about StatusNet and its powerful set of features.


Instead of the standard introduction with a potential scenario that the application can save, I’m going to jump right in because today’s app, Flowdock, has a lot of features. Flowdock combines a group collaboration tool alongside a social media tracking stream to help develop your products and your business. Think of Flowdock as your development dashboard, where you can chat and collaborate, whilst monitoring your criticisms and praises on social networks.

The space for collaboration tools is very much crowded, but Flowdock seems to stand out with it’s Mac-like sex appeal and awesome set of features. As you’ll come to see, Flowdock organises, aggregates and collaborates. (more…)

If you’ve ever worked in teams, especially large teams where everyone is located all over the world, you’ll know just how important efficient and effective team communication apps are. Communicating via email is generally standard, but let’s be honest, email works but isn’t efficient or effective enough for many situations — it’s too slow, difficult to use with more than a few people at once and and, depending on your organizational skills, can get wildly out of control.

There are plenty of great team communication apps around for varying purposes ranging from instant messaging to forums to real-time group chat rooms. No single app will work best for everyone’s specific communication needs. I’d like to put together a roundup covering the varying types of team communication needs and the best solutions available.

So let us know which, if any, team communication apps you and your company uses to stay in touch with co-workers, clients and everyone else. We’ve listed a few popular apps in the poll to the right but be sure to submit other’s we’ve not listed. Thanks!

Quick Look: Jaconda
Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Jaconda. The developer describes Jaconda as an app for Project Team Chat. It allows you to create chat-rooms for projects and integrate them with your favorite tools. Teammates can chat from their browser or fill-in their Google Talk and add team chat to the Instant Messenger they love. Jaconda integrates with services like Github, Google Code, Pivotal Tracker and others. This helps to be on top of things and to see in real time what’s going on.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


On November 15th, Facebook announced a new messaging system they’d be rolling out to all users, making it easier than ever to manage not only messages sent to you on Facebook, but conversations taking place via email, chat, and SMS.

Eventually you’ll be automatically upgraded to this new way of messaging, but you can try to get in on it early by requesting an invitation. I did just that, and a few days later was invited to try it out. Here’s what I found.


Quick Look: Nicereply

Quick Look posts are paid submissions offering only a brief overview of an app. Vote in the polls below if you think this app is worth an in-depth AppStorm review!

In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting Nicereply. Here’s how the developer has described Nicereply.

It’s a service enabling companies to get feedback on email replies to customers. It aims to help companies improve their email communication with clients by offering a solution that’s both powerful and simple to use.

It generates a unique link for every employee to paste into their email signatures. Customers following this link are presented with a rating page and an ability to comment on email.

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Social Communication Merry-go-round with 6rounds

It may be for work, business or education; it is now very common for people to stay away from their home for extended periods of time. If you are one such person, where will you meet and mingle with your friends or family? On an instant messenger platform like Yahoo or web conferencing services like Webex? If your answer is the former, you need to come to terms with web 2.0 and if the answer is latter, you have way too much money in your hands.

Now, if only there was an app that can handle voice, video & IM chat, sprinkled with a tinge of entertainment and games! Well, there is one and it goes by the name 6rounds. So how good is it? We’ll find out after the jump.


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