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Wunderlist is easily one of the greatest simple todo list apps ever made. It’s one of the few todo list apps that most computer users would have almost definitely have heard of before. But then, it took off so well because it was free — combine that with native apps for almost every platform, including PCs with less todo list app options than the Mac and mobile platforms, and it seemed unstoppable.

That was only supposed to be the first stepping stone for the 6Wunderkinder team, though. They originally intended Wunderlist to be a basic free todo list app, then to follow up with Wunderkit as their pro collaboration app. That plan got scuttled, though, and instead they doubled down on Wunderlist, adding pro accounts and team features. The pro accounts brought task assignment, subtasks, and new backgrounds back in April, but with this month’s updates, Wunderlist now makes perfect sense as a great team collaboration app without making their simple todo list app any more difficult to use.


I am a strong believer in the idea that no website would be successful without input from its visitors. After all, those are the website’s audience, and as such, have the biggest opinion on the sort of things that are posted because otherwise. Otherwise, why would they visit? If you’re running a blog or any website which invites users to comment, one app to definitely check out is Disqus.

A comments platform specifically designed for websites looking to unite their users’ comments, Disqus can be a great addition to any website. In this how-to, I’ll be showing you how to get Disqus up and running on your website so you can begin uniting your users through comments.


Looking through your site’s analytics can be insightful and unsettling at the same time. You can see how many people read your latest articles, but then wonder why they didn’t share the link or join in the conversation. Disqus has tried to take on this problem by making comments more social, and building in a new ranks system to let your loyal readers show that they’re staying involved.

We’re going to take a look at some of the newest features in Disqus, and how you can use them to enhance your site’s community. Then, we’ve got 2 Disqus Pro accounts to giveaway to our readers: a 1 year subscription, and a 6 month subscription. Keep reading to learn more about Disqus and how you can win Disqus Pro for your site!

Our giveaway is closed for new entries, but you can vote on the site you want to see with a Disqus Pro subscription on our 2nd round article!