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Most of us have a lot we need to do each day. We need a way to record everything that needs to be done, and be reminded with our tasks are due. In the past, people would have used a diary or a notepad, but nowadays we need something more sophisticated to keep up with our bustling lives.

For a while now, I have been looking for the best app for this, and while there’s many nice ones, I never could find the perfect app for me. That is, until a few weeks ago I discovered Cloudship, an app which looked as good as it performed — for me this was the perfect application.

Two weeks on and I’m using Cloudship everyday to manage and organize my everyday life. Read on to find out where Cloudship can fit into your everyday life.


Looking for a new way to keep your team working together in 2013? You should give Cloudship, our sponsor this week, a try. It’s a web app that helps you get organized in the simplest and most productive way. Best of all, you can get started with Cloudship for free!

With Cloudship, you can write down everything you want in notes, share files, and keep track of everyone’s tasks. Cloudship will help you to keep your notes ordered and to search for them quickly. If you need, you can also view and restore previous versions of your notes. Then, add your tasks in a second, order them easily, and nest tasks that depend on others. You can also track the time you will need to complete a task and control the real time you spend on it.

Cloudship is great for teams because it allows you to share tasks and notes with other people in a clear and simple way. In a shared project, each user can select tasks or notes they are interested in, and is then notified when another project member modifies any of them.

Get Your Team Onboard!

Cloudship is free to get started with, so there’s no reason not to try it out with your team. If you ever want to get more out of Cloudship, you can step up to Cloudship Pro for just 4€/month or 36€/year. A pro account will give you up to 1Gb of file uploads per month, at least 1,000 versions in your note history, and premium support.

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