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Sadly, much of the work done by those in the creative arts isn’t terribly creative. This isn’t because all the talented designers, musicians, film-makers and photographers out there aren’t capable of producing works of stunning originality. It is actually due to the irritatingly small amount of time that they can dedicate to making beautiful things, and the frustratingly large volume of time dedicated to the trials associated with a service-based profession.

One such trial is the toing and froing of work between the professional and the client. Many of the platforms that are technically capable of performing this task are not focused on the client-facing niche of file sharing, and as a result, few prioritize both straightforward operation and high quality presentation.

This is why I think the concept of Sitedrop, a new beta hot off the Betaworks press, makes sense. Based on Dropbox for storage and hosting, Sitedrop wants to make the delivery of your work within a beautiful interface as simple as moving a file. Is that too much to ask? (more…)

One of the many awesome aspects of ThemeForest is the affordability of such amazing templates and themes. However, I quickly noticed many of my items’ buyers expected my hourly rates for content customization to be little more than the item price itself—which was just not possible.

Thanks to some really great lightweight CMSes, which we rounded up in our 10 Fantastic Lightweight CMSes You Should Try post, I can easily provide many of my buyers with an easily editable website in very little time and at a very low cost.

In today’s how-to, I’ll walk you through the simple steps of setting up a ThemeForest template with the easy to use CMS PageLime.


Just as the title says, Clientr is a super simple app for tracking clients and your deals (projects) with them. In addition to that, Clientr is rocking a very sexy Mac-like interface that I love seeing in web apps. Read on to see what we think of the app and how it could help you track your clients and their projects.