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We recently reviewed real-time analytics provider, Clicky; which had a very positive review and is quite an exciting service. Last week we announced the giveaway of three, free for life, Clicky Pro accounts. Read on to see who the winners are or if you were one of them.


It’s that time again and along with announcing the winners of our Blinksale Triple Account Giveaway, we have even more to give away today. If you missed our review of Blinksale, Easy Invoices with Blinksale, make sure to give that a read as well.

Read on to see if you are a Blinksale winner or to get the details on the next giveaway from Clicky.


One of the most popular web analytics apps available right now is Google Analytics. While it has a powerful collection of features and capabilities, one of the features I wish it had most is live tracking. While I do care what happened yesterday, last week and during the month; I often times want to see what’s happening right now. I generally use to track link traffic live, but that’s not a real solution.

Clicky, however, is a real solution; providing real-time analytics for your site. Real-time tracking could even be considered just the icing on the cake, considering Clicky offers enough additional features and options to make the competition hang their heads in shame. I’ll take a look at Clicky, it’s features and why it’s used by sites like Smashing Magazine and Mashable.