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If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a few thousand. But sometimes, you still need to add more. Whether it’s the names of the people in your video clip, comments and highlights on special parts of the video, or links to sites mentioned in the video and social media buttons, there’s a lot extra you should be able to add to your videos. And now, with Clickberry, our sponsor this week, you can.

Clickberry lets you add those extras to your videos, and share them online with your audience. You can share the very best pieces of video – whether it’s top highlights, tagged friends, interesting things worth buying, or memorable moments. Curating and archiving the best video from around the web has never been easier.

Clickberry is a delightful, new way to share the moments that move you. Highlight dramatic moments, interesting things & friends and quickly bring stories to the world’s attention. It’s fun, simple, and free!

Go Get It!

Ready to start adding annotations and more to your videos? Then go download the Clickberry Tagger extension for Chrome or Firefox so you can add annotations to videos already online in YouTube. You can also download Clickberry app for your Mac or PC to create interactive videos and upload them to share. Or, you can download the free Clickberry Tagger app for your iPhone to take videos on the go, add the tags you want, then upload and share the videos with your friends.

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