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In the middle of last month, Google and Samsung announced the Chromebook “for everyone”, a $249 device running Google’s Chrome OS. The Chromebook is nothing new, and it’s a project that I’ve always been fond of in concept.

The new Chromebook has already launched online and in retail stores, and is quite possibly set to see some success as the holiday season nears. Let’s take a look at the state of the Chromebook as we reach the end of the year. (more…)

Google, in association with Samsung and Acer, is launching the new Chromebooks today, a set of notebooks that run Google’s cloud-based operating system. If you’ve already seen all the coverage of what exactly the Chromebook is, including on AppStorm, you’ll know that a Chromebook has no local storage, and all applications are in fact web apps, just like the type we review here.

The Chrome Web Store is, as Jarel Remick explains, a marketplace for web applications that puts regular apps into a marketplaces with ratings and reviews. If you’re a new Chromebook user (or, anyone who’s started using the Chrome browser), today’s review might help you in choosing which apps should be your first install and could be the ticket to replacing a traditional computer.


Google is set to co-launch the Chromebook, a new category of computing, alongside Samsung and Acer this month. To recap for anyone who hasn’t already seen our coverage, a Chromebook is a notebook that runs only Google’s entirely cloud-based OS, Chrome OS. Two models, with WiFi or WiFi + 3G connectivity, will be available internationally on the mid-June release with special business and education programs available to help bulk customers distribute the costs.

However, there was another smaller announcement made during Google’s recent set of presentations – the Chromebox. The Chromebox is a so-called “nettop” that looks and feels like a Mac Mini, but runs the same cloud-based operating system. Naturally, I don’t think anyone sees this as a real desktop alternative, but it might have some indirect potential that could make it a true contender in certain markets. (more…)