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Laying out diagrams and charts should be easy. But for the most part, it’s not. I had to use Visio for a painful few weeks during a class, and was constantly frustrated by it. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much nicer LucidChart is even though it is a web app. It’s a diagraming app that works great, with more native features than many native apps.

That’s the best thing about LucidChart: it’s a web app that actually works better than its competing native apps. It’s an unusual phenomena, so keep reading to hear more from the LucidChart team about how they did it, as well as the newest feature they’ve just added to LucidChart.


Welcome to The Cloud. You’ll hear that just about everywhere these days. One of the biggest software categories to make the move to the Web is document-based productivity tools. The unquestioned leader in that realm is Google Docs, which lets you create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

But to truly qualify as “desktop replacement” software, you’re going to need to be able to do everything that you can with your current editor of choice. Today we’re going to take a look at a common need from a spreadsheet program – chart creation.


We’re linving in the information age, but without a personal IBM Watson to help us through life, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything. From the specs of the latest smartphones to refrigerators that will work best in your new apartment, there’s info about so many things that it can get overwhelming. Theoretically, more data means you can make a better decision; sometimes, though, it’s just too hard to process all the info.

There’s several ways of dealing with this. Keeping stacks of sales papers and encyclopedias around isn’t too convenient, and you’ll definately not be able to remember everything. One great way to figure out the best things or compare data about different items is to turn your data into a chart. Let’s take a look at SocialCompare, a new beta webapp that’s designed to help you compare everything from trees to tripods to trip ideas and then share your curated info with the world.