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There once was a time when I followed gaming with verve and passion, soaking up every out-of-ten score in the Official Playstation Magazine, and cursing Nintendo for somehow making the latest Mario Kart game even more irritating than the last. But time has passed, and I no longer have my finger quite on the pulse.

However, I still do hear about most of the latest releases, one way or another, and I pay special attention to game launches with something interesting, unusual, or notable about them. A recent example was the launch of Zoo Tycoon, of which I learned thanks to my AppStorm colleague, Marius Masalar, and his fine taste in tweeting.

Whilst the sight of yet another Zoo Tycoon game was not terribly striking, the initiatives that Microsoft has taken, alongside the production of the game, are.


If you’ve had to get feedback on a product/service or learn about people’s needs/opinions, you’ll agree that web-based surveys are the easiest way to poll your audience – but do you get the most of your efforts? Many people ignore online surveys and a large number also rush through them in order to quickly qualify for any incentives that are offered for filling them out. Is there a way to optimize the survey exercise for marketers and researchers to get more participants and better-quality responses? believes it has found the answer, in people’s innate desire to do good. The app aims to help you build surveys easily and get more people to take them by offering a unique incentive – for every survey filled, the surveyor will donate US$1 to a charity selected by the respondent. The approach to getting a higher number of responses is certainly interesting, but does it really work? And how does the app stand up to the competition? Let’s build a survey or two and find out.