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From email attachments to images you want to share on Twitter, files can still be frustrating to share. There’s dozens of file sharing apps, ranging from semi-shady sites covered in ads to popular desktop tools like that let you upload files and share them with a stylish landing page. Either way, most require you to create an account first, and almost all take several steps to share files. is one of the newer web apps for sharing files, and its reduced the process to two steps: drag a file to your browser, and share the link to your new share page. That’s it. It’s a great implementation of HTML5 file support, and takes a couple steps out of sharing files.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting The developer describes as the best way to share files online. Simply drag and drop from your desktop right into your browser and voila, it’ll be uploaded. Share the download URL with friends and they can instantly grab the file, no waiting, no ads, no annoying signups. All files are delivered through’s global CDN network, so you get them from your closest geographical server. You can add files up to 200MB for upload.

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