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Bugs happen everywhere on the web, and it’s really annoying when one presents itself. Therefore, bug tracking systems exist in order to squash out problems by tracking a bug’s progress from being found to being fixed. If you’re making a website or web app, you sure don’t want your users to be wondering why your app is so buggy. Bug tracking systems have long been ugly system, however. While I’ll avoid naming names, some pretty major bug trackers just don’t look nice and aren’t presented in the user friendly way that they should be.

BugHerd is a breath of fresh air, bringing a beautiful interface and user friendly, responsive design to the bug tracking world. In addition to a beautiful interface, BugHerd provides a streamlined, straightforward bug review process that makes the procedure from reporting to fixing, testing and closing bug related tasks incredibly simple. (more…)

When it comes to building software — for any platform or medium — you need to keep track of the issues and bugs in your product. And you’re probably better off not keeping track of these things in your inbox or a Word document. You need the right tool for the job.

Today’s giveaway prize is one such tool.