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Twitter spawned a whole ecosystem of social networking apps, each vying to make it easier to see all of your social networks together, post everywhere, share longer posts, and more. There were so many different social networking web apps for the same set of social networks, it was impossible to keep track of them all.

Then, Twitter started cracking down on how 3rd party apps could use its API. And both Twitter and Facebook started building their own nicer apps and pro tools, crowding alternates out of the market. Where there used to be an overabundance of social networking apps, now most of us are back to using each network’s own apps. But there’s still a few solid apps out there that can make social networking easier and more productive, and one of the the very best is Buffer.

Buffer’s been one of those apps that everyone loved, but I never could get into. It was designed to auto-post stuff on a schedule, and I preferred to post stuff in real-time. But running the social networking for 3 sites and my own personal profiles got to be too much, and I needed an app to help me out. And Buffer turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Here’s how I learned to stop doing social networking manually and embrace the Buffer.


Occasionally, we review brilliant apps in their infancy and following our reviews, they grow ridiculously and major changes are made and features added to make them even greater. For this reason, some apps have changed so much in this period that they warrant another review from us to see whether the changes have been for the better or worse.

One such app is Buffer. I reviewed it back in early 2011 while it was still young and since then, it’s managed to attract over 400,000 users who all want an easy way to schedule their social updates. In this article, I’ll be taking a look at some of the most significant changes in the newest incarnation of the Buffer app. Just read on to find out more!


Google+ may have gotten all of the publicity this past month, but for most of us, Twitter has continued to be the social network we check most. That’s good news for the Twitter team, which just raised another mammoth amount of funding, but it’s also good for the hundreds of other teams working on products that rely on the Twitter ecosystem.

Today we’ve got an exclusive interview with the guys behind Buffer, a popular tool to schedule your Tweets for the time they’ll be most effective. Keep reading to hear their thoughts on web app development, the Twitter ecosystem, and their new HQ-in-progress in San Francisco.

Twitter has become a really important platform for keeping people informed and that’s why many businesses and individuals use it. When you’re running a business with an online presence, especially with Twitter, it can often be easy to neglect this if you’re too busy focused on the actual business itself and it can make the account seem dormant and less likely to draw attention.

This is where Buffer comes in. Buffer is a uniquely simple app that provides users with a means of tweeting consistently, making the whole process of maintaining an online presence that extra bit more bearable. Find out more inside.