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Back when Firefox was the cool new upstart browser to use, and IE 6 was still the dominant browser, add-ons were one of the most exciting part of the web. You could tweak your browser, giving it extra features and a brand-new look-and-feel in seconds. They were fun, and the best of them pushed what we all expect from browsers forward.

Then Chrome came along with its promises of speed, and originally had no extensions. Most of us switched — and stayed — for the speed, as well as the clean interface uncluttered by extra buttons. When extensions came back in vogue, it seemed a pity to clutter it too much.

That's why I personally only keep a very few extensions in Safari and Chrome: the Evernote Clipper and 1Password extensions, as well as the extension in Chrome. It's all I really need, with everything else (like Instapaper and Pinboard) covered by bookmarklets.

How about you? How many browser extensions do you keep in your browser today? We'd love to hear your favorite browser extensions in the comments below.

Twitter can be an awesome tool and is, with no doubt, my favourite social network. Personally, the sleek design and functionality of the Twitter app on Mac draws me to use native apps instead, but when I was a Windows users, the web app was my favourite method of connecting. Luckily, being browser-based, the Twitter website can be manipulated with some extensions to customise the experience you have with it.

In today’s roundup, we’re going to take a look at some of the best browser extensions that optimise, customise and manipulate the Twitter experience on the web.