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Keeping the idea flowing can be really more difficult than it sounds. We get easily distracted, and the chain of thoughts will be lost forever. It would help to write them down but more often than not they are just abstract notions in our heads. Beyond a point things get complicated and even you can’t understand what is in there.

That’s why God invented Mind-mapping. Well actually Porphyry of Tyros did. It is a very simple way to keep track of things but again when your idea grows the tree keeps growing things get muddy and you possibly can’t fit everything in a paper. Over time all I see is an overtly colored, slightly blurred version of a spider web. I was looking out for a savior and I stumbled upon Exobrain. Is it truly what it claims to be? That’s exactly what we are going to find out today.


When you think of an office, board room, classroom, community center, or anywhere else that people meet to organize and work together, what’s one of the first things you can picture? Often it’s a prominent bulletin board where random announcements, pictures, important memos, random email forwards, and more are tacked for everyone to see. Sure, they’re often random and somewhat a mess, but they’re an effective way to share a bit of info with anyone that happens to walk by.

We’ve gotten to the point where you almost need a project management app to manage your project management apps. There’s so many ways to collaborate today, and yet most of us still resort to sending emails to team members and tying strings on our fingers to keep from forgetting stuff. Why not bring back the simplicity of a bulletin board?

That’s what Trello does.


Sharing feedback is one of the most important aspects of teamwork. It’s what gets (and keeps) everyone on the same page and helps to ensure everyone is working together properly towards a common goal. This is easily achieved in face-to-face meetings… But it’s 2011, so how does one get comprehensive, coherent and usable feedback via the web?

The team behind ConceptBoard seems to have an answer: their web app provides a space to display and discuss files and ideas and get everyone’s points of view into focus. Is this the meeting-killer miracle you’ve been waiting for?


The world of web apps is full of productivity tools that promise to make it easy to organize your thoughts and tasks. From simple to-do lists to full-fledged project managers to mind-mapping tools, there’s more ways than ever to save the things you’re thinking about and need to get done. The problem is, it’s so easy to spend more time tweaking your tasks than actually getting your tasks done! You can obsess over the dates of your tasks, try to find the perfect tagging system, or get your mind-map to look as awesome as that snazzy infographic you saw the other day.

At the end of the day, though, usually it’s still difficult to keep track of everything. You’ve spent all of this time organizing, but now your tasks are so compartmentalized that you can’t find what you need to do.

Thoughtboxes is a brilliant solution to this problem. Similar to many of the simpler web apps I love, it’s been designed with less features than most other task management tools. Instead, it nails the essence of managing your projects, letting you create pages of tasks organized into sets that work the way you want. Let’s take a closer look.


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In this Quick Look, we’re highlighting SpiderScribe. The developer describes SpiderScribe as an online mind mapping and brainstorming app. It allows people to collaborate online and connect there ideas into visual maps – text notes, files, images, calendar events and even geographic locations (through Goolge Maps).

Read on for more information and screenshots!


Imagine it now. You’ve come up with the best idea ever and a great way of executing it but you need somewhere to quickly lay down your ideas. Pen and paper’s fine but what if you need to digitise this and send it to your team later? Why not just kill two birds with one stone?

That’s where MindMeister comes in. It offers a unique way to create digital mind maps through the use of various nodes that comprise your idea. Fast and with a free plan, it’s definitely for you.