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We’ve all done it: you read an interesting article, and plan to share it with your friends or just for your own reference later. The next day, we think of it again, and can’t find where in the world the article was. Was that on AppStorm or Engadget? Or was it CNN? No, wait: maybe it was New Yorker.

So you promise yourself, next time, you’ll be more careful to bookmark stuff you want to save. Then, you bookmark it at the office, only to find that you’re trying to remember it when you’re out at lunch and only have your iPhone.

Online bookmarking is the best solution for this, but it’s usually too much trouble to click through 3 or 4 links just to save a small bookmark. What if your bookmarking tool could do the heavy lifting for you, so your favorite stuff online would be bookmarked automatically without so much as a thought? Pinboard, the increasingly popular bookmarking web app, includes a number of tools to automate bookmarking, so keep reading to see how it can automatically archive your favorite sites without you remembering to do anything special.


18 years ago, web browsers started sporting a new way to help you keep up with the sites you discover online: bookmarks. Bookmarks, or Favorites in IE, were a great idea, but they quickly outgrew your browser. Once we started using the internet on multiple computers, the idea of saving bookmarks on one browser seemed increasingly archaic. Thus, online bookmarking services have become increasingly popular over the past decade, starting with in 2003.

Today, with mobile smartphones, tablets, browser-only Chromebooks, and the variety of computers we use at our workplaces, schools, and more, you need to keep up with your most important sites more than ever. Sure, you could just Google sites every time, and that’d work fine for finding the front page of popular sites such as your school. However, when you find that perfect plugin for your WordPress site or that cute cat picture that you couldn’t replace, chances are you won’t find it again if you don’t bookmark it.

This week, we’d love to hear what bookmarking service or tool is your favorite. Do you still get by with browser bookmarks, perhaps using your browser’s sync service, or do you use an online bookmarking service? Or do you perhaps keep a private document or wiki with your important links? Select your favorite in the poll, and let us know why you love your bookmarking service in the comments below.

I’m excited to present an interview today with Maciej Ceglowski, the developer behind Pinboard is an increasingly popular bookmarking service, taking up where Delicious left off. It’s a for-pay app with a unique pricing structure, as well as a subscription link archival service.

I first reviewed Pinboard last December after it seemed that Delicious was being shut down. Since then, it’s become one of the web apps I rely on the most, and we’ve included it in a number of recent roundups. I store all of my new bookmarks in it, but then it also automatically imports my Instapaper and Twitter favorites, and saves an archive of all my Tweets. It’s this seemless integration that has made Pinboard an irreplaceable part of my workflow.

After the break, Marciej shares with us some of his development tools, thoughts on design, and some unique Pinboard features.


Remembering things is harder than ever. Stuff to do, links to refer, ideas to develop, articles to read, videos to watch – there is just way too much stuff online to keep track of. We definitely need a digital assistant to track all that stuff for us. thinkery helps you focus on the important things and lets you access tons of information in an instant.

thinkery is a web app that helps users organize their thoughts, ideas, URLs and lists. The app lets you save todo lists, bookmarks, creative ideas and more. Is it actually capable of being your extended brain on steroids as the developers claim? Let’s go check it out.


I’ve seen many of my friends collecting clippings from newspapers and magazines for future reference. None of those clippings have ever seen the light of the day again. Of late, am seeing a similar pattern emerge with bookmarks. Folks are just bookmarking away links and pages that they hardly ever find the time to revisit. Too many free bookmarking services encourage this behavior.

If these bookmarking apps make users leave the plugin and visit the web app for something other than viewing the bookmarks, there’s a great chance those URLs suffering from damnation will get their salvation. Personally, I think Zeadoo is one such bookmarking app with a twist.


Bookmarks and notes have come of age and graduated from your browser to their own place in the cloud. What we should be building is a high-powered internet connected personal database of everything that’s of interest to you and not just text and links. More so, everything should have a custom wrapper of its own, that gets dynamically updated without any input from you.

Springpad is a free personal organizer to save and use just about anything — recipes, products, restaurants, ideas, notes, articles, and more. After the break you can find out how this web app turned out to be the most used app in my daily life.


Irrespective of the domain you work, there’s so much information available on the internet that might benefit you — a lot. After a certain point, you might find the bookmarks you’ve created to be rather stale and useless. If you’re like me, there’s a very good chance you might forget why you’ve even bookmarked a page after a few days.

Making comments, taking notes and annotating content has never been easier. There are quiet a few apps doing a stellar job in archiving all your snippets of information in the cloud for anywhere access. One among them is Shelfster. Read on to see how it can help you collect, edit, organize and publish all sorts of information.


Would you like to have secure, guaranteed access to all of your bookmarks anytime? With closing soon (or not?), Ma.gnolia losing all of its members bookmarks last year, and more of us using multiple browsers and devices, we need a better way to keep track of bookmarks wherever you are.

Pinboard is a newer bookmarking site that’s received a lot of attention lately. Co-operated by one of’ founders, it’s fast, simple, and includes many of the same things fans loved about You can import all of your bookmarks, including tags and notes exported from, then quickly add new bookmarks with the bookmarklet, share your bookmarks with friends or keep them private, and find them easily on your desktop or mobile device.

Let’s look at how you can consolidate all of your bookmarks with Pinboard and keep your favorite websites easily accessible.


Bookmarking, probably used by just about everyone on the web these days, is a concept that’s showing its age. With the massive number of sites we traverse, we eventually compile a massive collection of bookmarks, which then need to be organized via folders or other methods. Then of course there is the cross browser issue, backing them up, etc.

historious is a bookmarking replacement solution for the modern web “explorer”. Google showed us the power and utility of search and historious has now applied it to bookmarking. Read on to see how you can ditch your pile of bookmarks with historious.


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